The Good Voice

The Good Voice

La Buena Voz (aka The Good Voice) explores the relationship that develops between a father and a gay son he never knew existed -- two men suddenly and unexpectedly thrust into each other's lives. Pepe, a slightly listless, fifty-something taxi driver with a heart condition, suddenly learns that he fathered a child, Jordi, from a quiet affair with his wife's girlfriend. Jordi, now HIV-positive, enters Pepe's world and recolors the elder's perspective and outlook on life, with his take-no-prisoners zeal for living and a restless, inquisitive spirit.

Antonio Cuadri's drama La Buena Voz (aka The Good Voice) explores the relationship that develops between a father and a gay son he never knew existed -- two men suddenly and unexpectedly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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