The Grand Seduction

The Grand Seduction

To survive, a dying Newfoundland fishing village must convince a young doctor to take up residence by any means necessary.

A small fishing village must procure a local doctor to secure a lucrative business contract. When unlikely candidate and big city doctor Paul Lewis lands in their lap for a trial residence, the townsfolk rally together to charm him into staying. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Augustine H (kr) wrote: Psychopathic as most of Cronenberg's other films.

Bruno V (es) wrote: Enjoyed watching this , not really scary or so , but a nice neighbour and some dead people helps !

Rees R (au) wrote: what is this piece of dogshit.

Ricardo M (ca) wrote: Os nrdicos se permitem fazer piada com temas que na maior parte do planeta no se toca, principalmente quando se trata de deficincia fsica/mental. Mas o tom no de esculacho geral, pelo contrrio, o riso se d ao mesmo tempo que nos apiedamos pelas personagens. 'The Art of Negative Thinking' nos faz constatar a curta diferena da amplitude dos problemas que podem atingir pessoas em distintas condies de vida. ? srio, triste e absurdamente engraado.

Tim W (nl) wrote: Just sooo stupid and ridiculous. If you like mindless over-the-top action violence and wannabe humour (like Crank, another movie i hate), you will probably like this. I did not. But i stuck it through to the end.

Isadore H (fr) wrote: Inside Man is a very well directed bank robbery film by Spike Lee. I was engaged the whole time, and Clive Owen, Denzel Washington, and Chiwetel Ejiofor all were great, as well as Willem Dafoe and Jodie Foster. Filled with interesting subplots and great dialogue, Inside Man is a bank heist film done right

Keaton E (it) wrote: Though it has an undeniably talented cast, Failure to Launch fails to take off because of poor direction, poor writing, as well as having a lack of humor and it goes overboard with its use of animals.

Andrew S (au) wrote: Depressing and uplifting; touching in its coldness and compelling in its simplicity. A walking contradiction, this film is better than one expects it to be.

Jonathan G (jp) wrote: I happened to see this in the theaters more than 15 years ago and it is still almost as spooky and gripping of a tale as the first time I watched it. It came out right before the Sixth Sense and has a lot of similar situations, just on a more scary level.

Graham M (br) wrote: Moderately interesting at the start but then loses its touch after the bank robbery.

Travis J (us) wrote: "The blood of these whores is killing me!"

Yvan P (it) wrote: Vraiment un film qui brasse les motions. La musique est vraiment belle. Et que dire d'Isabelle Blais. Remarquable.

Aoife S (fr) wrote: All time favourite cheesy teenage cheerleader movie with a big finish!!

Shamre A (de) wrote: I understand why there are so many bad reviews on this movie.. it's because it pissed people off when they see movies that express the extinction of human triumph. in this film, there is honestly no way out. I liked this movie alot because it was a unique story and it truly made me want to watch the movie until the sad end.

Mark J (kr) wrote: Beautiful. Just beautiful. Some scenes were a bit awkward and ever so slightly long. But the main storyline was just perfect and very powerful and so soul-crushing in one of the best of ways.4.5/5