The Grave

The Grave

Two prisoners escape with the help of their jailer to search for a treasure that is supposedly buried with a dead millionaire.

Two prisoners escape with the help of their jailer to search for a treasure that is supposedly buried with a dead millionaire. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (mx) wrote: A little gem of a movie that, according to Facebook, is not getting the respect it deserves. Ruth Gordon is hilarious in what I believe was her last film.

Nathan S (jp) wrote: I've been defending minor Woody Allen films for a long time. However, I have to put the gloves down for this one-- it was awful! 2.2/10

Franois M (es) wrote: De faon gnral je n'aime pas les films d'poque.... Et au Qubec on a un abonnement vie cause, je suppose, de toutes ces vieilles granges qui trainent dans le fond de nos rangs. Mais voil que Louis Cyr arrive avec sa force et me fait oublier le dcevant simsac OU PIRE Le Poil de la bte.... Pourtant, rien ici pour se rendre aux Oscars. C'est dans l'humanit de l'homme et l'extraordinaire performance d'Antoine Bertrand (qui porte le film sur ses larges paules) que le film de Daniel Roby est venu me titiller.... C'est un film plutot standard dans la forme, romanc souhait et je ne crois pas que qu'il va marquer l'histoire de notre cinmatographie (bon, srement plus que Nouvelle-France), mais c'est nanmoins un agrable moment de cinma.

Colin L (ca) wrote: what a wonderful and uplifting christmas movie. all girls who are just above not too dumb will love this movie. especially the indie girls. they'd eat this shit up until they're bedridden. i just liked it because it reminded me of my brother and the neo new wave style was cute too.

Ravi N (ru) wrote: A movie that makes you hungry!

Wilco T (it) wrote: Het thema van deze film is een beetje uitgekauwd. Boeide matig.

Slick N (fr) wrote: not for me bcuz i got 35 minutes into it and felt like i was gunna pass out.

Keenan S (ru) wrote: I haven't seen the theatrical cut, but I have seen the producer's cut, and I actually liked this film (But then again, I also liked the second and third films). This film definitely has its flaws though, such as a sloppy script, corny acting, moments of terrible dialogue ("Don't you want to be inside me?"), and some sloppy effects, this film still has plenty of fun action scenes to make up for its flaws. I quite like this film, but I don't blame people for generally hating it because it is a very flawed film. I had plenty of fun with it, but then again, I like corny action films, so this was right up my alley. Make sure you see the producer's cut if you decide to watch it.

Chris N (ag) wrote: Best mafia movie i've ever seen and i've seen them all!

Catherine R (us) wrote: Interesting for sure.

Barry K (jp) wrote: Good British television film.

Tom h (es) wrote: Incredible pre-James Bond flick, amazing that Belmondo did all of his own stunt work. What a concept of chasing your kidnapped girlfriend halfway across the world to save her. This is a classic and a must see.

Russell G (de) wrote: I really liked this one. Atom powered zombies terrorizing a city, Nazi mad scientists.... had everything you need in a sci-horror 50's flick.

Paul Z (it) wrote: I Remember Mama is George Stevens's closest foray into comedy after his experiences in WWII, and though it is primarily a drama, a slice of life, it is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Kathryn Forbes's loving reminisces of a childhood in San Francisco and of her wonderful ex-Norwegian grandma are sprawled to broad visual scope and performed by an outstanding cast.For maverick filmmaker George Stevens has conveyed her seemingly inconsequential story in all its warm and pleasant character to the screen. Framed by a progression of musings of a youthful author's gushing thoughts, Stevens has composed a pleasing and charming Home Sweet Home cloth of hilarious and moving chapters in the lives of an extraordinarily pleasant family of Norwegian-Americans. And its lovable cast of Hollywood performers catches the unspoiled radiance of character.As it surely proves significant material further than the flicker of any cynic's reservations, this story craves no more than thoughtful treatment to reach the merit of triumph that only someone as insightful as Stevens would recognize. And he has comforted this with unflagging sway of the directorial pedals. His understated scenes are by no means ever excessively slushy, not even the scene where Mama sings her lullaby. Moreover, in the many fleeting outings of the family beyond their home, and above all in the frenzied shots of their gasping of their jalopy up and down their residential hill, he has swelled such traces as associate these people to an external world which, by the insular temperament of the story, is no more than abstractedly understood to be.As Mama, the president, if you will, of the family, the unconditionally beautiful Irene Dunne gives a wonderfully touching, lovable and funny performance, in a wig and in dresses which truly seem to be aged. Controlling with level flair a tongue-in-cheek Norwegian accent and a worried look, Dunne has the fire and energy, and still the gentleness, that the role wants. As the oldest daughter, the one who frames the story, Barbara Bel Geddes plays most regularly as in a stupor, entranced by Mama and pure splendor, and that corresponds with the common atmosphere. As well, Philip Dorn as Papa and Peggy McIntyre and June Hedin as Bel Geddes's siblings have the flavor of angels, for all their delightful manner.Oskar Homolka, who plays the overbearing Uncle Chris, one of the most laugh-out-loud characters I have ever seen in a movie, gives to it all the broad blunder and goofiness that Stevens has the undiluted sense of humor to augment with overwhelming close-ups and things of the sort. Edgar Bergen's Mr. Torkelson is also a side-splitting pleasure and so is Sir Cedric Hardwicke.The film begins with eldest daughter Bel Geddes finishing her autobiographical novel. As she harks back to her family life, we flashback to 1910, where the first of a series of vignettes finds Dunne arranging the weekly budget with the help of her light, practical husband, her son and her daughters. Her son reveals his wish to attend high school. Each family member puts forward to make an economic sacrifice to throw in to the boy's education. How peaceful. Really. It may seem like nothing happens in the lives of this family, but it is a purely emotional experience. It does not aim for us to pity the immigrant experience but to embrace the hopeful aspirations the immigrant experience. I want to make love to this movie and everyone in it, especially Mama.

Ian R (gb) wrote: This is not at all what I expected, in that it is, despite many flaws, actually a decent and entertaining movie! sure some of the direction is bad, as is some of the editing, but the nifty little defend the embassy movie was just fresh enough to be worth sitting through!

HelenaErmy V (jp) wrote: ora che ci penso, la mia relazione con Rodriguez iniziata quando avevo 7 anni

James L (kr) wrote: Imaginative with incredible animations, but the film is actually rather dark for a children's movie...overall 2.5 Stars

Jessica S (br) wrote: I seen this movie and enjoyed watching this movie.