The Gravity

The Gravity

After being apart for three years after high school, four friends get together in what is not the best reunion

After being apart for three years after high school, four friends get together in what is not the best reunion . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennifer R (br) wrote: Not as good as the first one.

Brandon W (kr) wrote: American Hustle is directed and co-written by David O. Russell, and it stars Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jeremy Renner in a crime comedy film about con artists doing a con job, they were successful, but got themselves in trouble, and so they are working with the FBI to get a politician in trouble. I remember being excited for it based on the trailers, and the high reviews. When I got to watch it, I remember being deeply disappointed in it and was thinking that it wasn't as good as Silver Linings Playbook. So more than 2 years later when it was out in theaters, I come across it again, giving the film a second chance, and watch it again to see if my opinion on it has changed. Luckily my opinion on it was higher, but it still wasn't at the high heights as Silver Linings Playbook. The cast are at their A game here, especially Christian Bale in his weight gain, Bradley Cooper having a balance of calamity and craziness, Jennifer Lawrence acting a bit crazy, but also stupid at the same time, and Amy Adams doing something that's different from her usual movie career. The story is really good here, which I'm glad the the movie addresses that some of the story event actually happened, so that it knows itself that it's inaccurate too. The soundtrack by Danny Elfman is very classy to listen to, and it's fitting for the time setting of the film. The direction by David O. Russell is very vibrate, and the writing by the director and Eric Warren Singer is well done. The characters are well developed, and It goes by pretty fast. I know that the movie was advertised as a black comedy film and that it was praised for being funny, but there were barely any moments that I was laughing at, and I wasn't quite sure if I just missed them, or just didn't find them that funny. It's probably a bit too overlong for me that it felt like it was stretching itself a bit. I enjoy American Hustle and would like to see his next film Joy, but it's not his best film and with the lukewarm reviews that Joy had, I'm probably gonna presume that Joy is not going to be up there with Silver Linings Playbook either.

Dena S (ag) wrote: The acting was bad and the dancing was below average unlike other dance movies but i'm very proud that the girl dancing is rad and canadian!

FilmGrinder S (gb) wrote: 68%Offbeat enough, just didn't click for me though.

TJ H (gb) wrote: i'm afraid to give a rating for this movie... i guess cuz i found this film rather painfully SLoow moving... i did enjoy the interaction between aimie and more of the americanized koreans... i thought those moments interested me the most; it reflecting the different worlds they lived in... due to difference in communication, language... i guess 2 1/2 stars outta 5...

Alexey F (es) wrote: Nice and funny. The message it is probably meant to carry does not deliver. Medium entertainment value. Jentsch is beautiful in oak leaves in her hair.

Brad C (nl) wrote: reminds me why i don't hang out with hipsters... but overall, it's a pretty subtle film. worth a watch but nothing really fantastic. the ending is kinda perfect though...

Private U (nl) wrote: Get the kleenex out! Is there a reason why people cheat ? this tale takes the classic theory that men will never cheat on their partner is she is gorgeous and flips it around. Depardieu is married to the exquisitely beautiful Bouquet, he randomly meets the older Balasko an d rapidly descends into a torrid love affair with her. It's ca classic tale of love & ego's and perceptions ... beautfiul

Richard D (it) wrote: This is a pretty outrageously fun martial arts film with some of the worst English dubbing I've ever heard .... and that's for a martial arts film!

Nicky S (br) wrote: i watched this years ago and it was great movie

Kris H (ag) wrote: I could not get passed the first 15 minutes. It was just bad.

D R (us) wrote: what a story! well told and made me interested in the art of Klimt.