The Great Chase

The Great Chase

Shihomi Etsuko plays a race car driver who also lends out her services to the Japanese Secret Service. Although there really isn't much of a "chase" to be seen, Shihomi does pursue a cartel of drug runners and assorted Japanese yakuza types. While the story is pure 70's exploitation and gritty crime drama, the best reason to see it is for the Martial Arts Action of Etsuko Shihomi. The action is over-the-top and at times hilarious (i.e. Shihomi battling the lead criminal atop a moving gondola or Shihomi battling a whip-wielding Catholic Nun).

A female plays a race car driver lends her services to the Japanese Secret Service. She goes in pursuit of a cartel of drug runners and assorted Japanese Yakuza types. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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