The Great Gilly Hopkins

The Great Gilly Hopkins

12-year-old wisecracking Gilly Hopkins finds herself shuffled from foster home to foster home until she meets Maime Trotter.

A feisty foster kid's outrageous scheme to be reunited with her birth mother has unintended consequences in The Great Gilly Hopkins, an entertaining film for the entire family. Gilly Hopkins (Sophie NĂ©lisse) has seen more than her share of foster homes and has outwitted every family she has lived with. In an effort to escape her new foster mother Maime Trotter's (Kathy Bates) endless loving care, Gilly concocts a plan that she believes will bring her mother running to her rescue. But when the ploy blows up in Gilly's face it threatens to ruin the only chance she's ever had to be part of a real family. Based on the award-winning young-adult novel by Katherine Paterson (Bridge to Terabithia), The Great Gilly Hopkins stars Sophie NĂ©lisse, Kathy Bates, Julia Stiles, Bill Cobbs, Billy Magnussen, with Octavia Spencer and Glenn Close. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher E (it) wrote: The first one was bad enough for forever... save yourself a couple of hours you'll never get back. Shame on you billy bob Thornton, I hope they paid you well.

Michael S (br) wrote: A fun, no-budget fan project by the talented James Rolfe. Definitely a treat for the fans and a memorable viewing experience. It is a tad over-ambitious for what it can do, and feels forced at times. It is very self-aware of its limitations and gets some great laughs.

Raviteja P (ag) wrote: One of fine movie to watch for plot driven, rural back-drop films, has great performances n interestingly funny scenes,...the lead actor is the trump card to live himself into the character. Also the VFX is darn good. Kudos to the Director for bringing an ACE!!

Amy M (ca) wrote: great kids movie. my son loves it.

Brinn O (ru) wrote: really underrated cult hit. I liked it for its charm and sense of the 60's, man.

Ethan B (es) wrote: The thing about spoof movies of this sort is that it might make you laugh, but they are hard to warm up to. They sacrifice depth for humor. And in this movie's case, there isn't even a whole lot of genuine laughs. There aren't even a whole lot of one-liners. Although some of the subtle details are clever and it does have its moments. A lot of scenes will even make you smile at the good points that they make, but unless you are watching this with a group of friends, it's not really going to satisfy.The worst part is that the cast is actually all really good. The talent here is better than even the above-average spoof movie.It's not terrible, but it's not urgently rewatchable either. However, some of the subtle details are pretty clever and it actually does have its moments.The cameos are great and it gets a lot of things off of its chest, but Not Another Teen Movie still won't make you realize anything new about the films that it's spoofing. I mean, in hindsight this is one of the better spoof movies that we've ever gotten, but there aren't a whole lot of good ones to choose from. It's definitely no Airplane.Twizard Rating: 59

Diana S (ca) wrote: I watched 5 minutes of it and couldn't go any longer. They destroyed the original one.

Benie A (mx) wrote: I seen this prolly like 10 times as it wuld come on tv but I never changed the channel for a reason

Anthony H (ag) wrote: What a great flick. Seriously a contender for the world's worst movie of all time. It's B grade perfection. Released by Troma, but not actually a Troma production, this independant effort is also known as 'In Deadly Heat'. The movie title is somewhat misleading, and misleading describes the movie perfectly. It's almost impossible to discuss the plot without giving the movie away. If there's one word to sum up this movie, and it's well said at the end, it's simply ... why? So check it out and be one of the few that can honestly say they've made it through the whole movie. I love it purely for the concept.

Dylan K (nl) wrote: i could not stop laughing from the first shot of the very long spaceship to the planet of the apes parody this movie is pure gold even if the acting isn't always spot on but i can forgive that because it's Mel Brooks

Michael A (jp) wrote: Much better than what idiots on Flixster will tell you.

Simon M (nl) wrote: Glen or Glenda? is an incompetent study abouttransvestism, but it has a lot of ambition. Plus, it is hilariously confusing - especially when Ed Wood tries to get surreal.

Erika O (gb) wrote: Crosby is the sweetest pal,Astaire as always..amazing...simple,sweet but still a really good musical.Exquisite

Karoline S (kr) wrote: Loved this movie for so many reasons, introspective and philosophically intriguing. Jared Leto was fantastic, and the cinematography/photography was phenomenal

Giovanni M (us) wrote: An obnoxious failure of epic proportions.

Tim G (ru) wrote: I found Hudson Hawk to be rather entertaining bruce willis and andie McDowellwere very entertaining together and liked the musical numbers with willis and Danny Aiello as well