The Great Magician

The Great Magician

In the early 1920’s, on the streets of Beijing, the nation’s most talented performers have gathered to show off their most spectacular skills. One day, a challenge is set: 50 silver dollars to whoever can reproduce the incredible magic trick “Eight Immortals’ Treat”. Zhang Xian appears amidst the waiting crowd and decides to try his hand at it.

In the years after the Revolution that overthrew the Qing Dynasty in China and established the republic, China broken up into fiefdoms held by warlords, who are busy fighting each other. A ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Great Magician torrent reviews

Joo Miguel R (ca) wrote: Not bad.. some serious tense scenes and some nonsense plot... The duo Roth-West can do better than this..

Pavandeep S (de) wrote: Very weak and uninteresting after the first initial scene. This movie could have been more as a text and even with the action scenes but gets bogged down ion strange scenarios and awkward acting and dialogue.

Rameshwar I (ag) wrote: Question that I ponder is if she is getting paid in full, she always seems to forget writing the third act. But she sure knows how to leave it dandling. I generally don't like open ended abrupt endings, but this is as best as it can get. Her saga of 'What if' continues where she left in 'Another Earth' bringing in the subtlety, no deviations allowed screenplay and absolutely no budget. Peter (Christopher Denham) is a journalist cum elementary school teacher on a mission to expose a cult along with his girlfriend Lorna (Nicole Vicius). They infiltrate the cult whose process is no different than many we have seen or heard in media - secretive, persuasive and weird. It is headed by one Maggie (Brit Marling) who claims to be from the year 2054, she is charismatic, intelligent and her answers and speeches leaves you on the border whether to believe or not. Until one day she asks Peter to bring an 8 year old girl secretively to her. The number of questions that are raised and left unanswered in this movie would not have happened in my worst test and I was a mediocre student. Throughout it is compelling, thrilling and thought provoking. Technical departments are only as amateurish as an indie movie aspire to be while artistically and intellectually it is on par if not better than any studio production. The background is mostly quiet not even traffic sounds and whenever they have decided to put some music it is tender, soothing and gelled perfectly. I will never take time travel as science fiction but mostly as a fantasy. But the simple way of how we perceive someone claiming to be from the future is brilliantly depicted by the lead couple and the small group of others who joins the cult. The screenplay left me exhilaratingly curious to know how it all ends even after knowing what Brit Marling has done in her previous work. Compelling, intriguing, thought provoking and perfectly open ended.

Thomas M (it) wrote: :-( Nothing else to say

Sean B (ag) wrote: Whoops. Somehow a junior year student film made it onto Netflix and my recommended queue and had an interesting review but just horribly sucked.

Russell S (au) wrote: For me the most interesting of the Nolan Batman trilogy. A lot of effort went into grounding Batman's origin which makes you totally buy into it for the duration of the film. Great characters, story development and action really make this movie great.

Niamh H (kr) wrote: LOL funny and scaryy!

Laimis Z (au) wrote: this is a jane campion movie. so beware. otherwise this, spiritual exorcism turned sexual obsession gone wrong, film with brilliant young kate winslet is an experience worth taking:)

Dustin D (br) wrote: Tokyo Story is an honest, bittersweet tale of compassion found in a generation gap. It is visually distinct and has the honor of being one of the best movies of Japan's golden era.

Pavel M (de) wrote: Skilfully crafted story and somewhat aged performances, especially on female side. (not Alec Guinness of course, he's good).

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Like the game im assuming...

Dax S (nl) wrote: Very funny and cool, good entry to the buddy cop franchises.

Will L (ag) wrote: Rick Alverson's 'Entertainment' is a droll and hypnotic black comedy that actually manages to push boundaries in a way that feels fresh. It's the kind of bizarre film that only works when the cast is as game as they are here.