The Great Mom Swap

The Great Mom Swap

When two girls think the other has it better, they swap places to see who's right!

When two girls think the other has it better, they swap places to see who's right! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marvin B (gb) wrote: A simple charmer that showcases the hardwork and dedication of a dictionary editor and his colleagues.

Jesse K (fr) wrote: Definitely worth a view. A lot of Asian countries impose such harsh penalties for drug smuggling/dealing and even using. The thought process behind this is the fact that many of these Asian cultures believe that drugs and death are one in the same; drug dealers have been connected to drug-related homicides or, more commonly, drug-dealers can be connected to the deaths (or the poor quality of lives) of those who purchase their products.

J K (br) wrote: Someone please explain to me why Amanda Peet is always playing a controlling, domineering bitch? Watch Saving Silverman and then watch this. I think the woman has control issues. I would reccomend staying away from her Venus Flytrap of a vagina. Seriously.

David K (mx) wrote: [b]To Live [/b](3rd Yimou) Yimou's [i]To Live [/i]is a film that's both grand and simple. It is grand in the fact that the film takes you on a journey through three decades of political turmoil in China, but it remains simple by keeping the events focused on the lives of one couple. By the time the film is over, one feels as though they have gained a huge amount of insight to what life in China was truly like for those in working class as the Communist Party rose to power. There's no doubt it's a political film, but I personally found it to be a rather objective one. This is definitely a debatable point, but I never thought Communism was vilified in anyway. It is true that many of the tragic events of the film can be directly related to the Communist movement in China, but these events seemed to attack the revolutionary movement moreso than Communism itself. When it was all said and done, I came away with no more positive or negative feelings about Communism. It'd be interesting to see how others come away from it. Yimou shows the same control over his technique that he showed in [i]Raise the Red Lantern. [/i]He never goes too big, but his most important scenes don't feel underplayed either. Practically every scene hits the right note, and the film is truly devastating when he wants it to be. Yimou never seems to lose focus and never strays from the story or the characters we care about. Gong Li is absolutely terrific here in a performance that may even be better than the one she gave in [i]Raise the Red Lantern. [/i]Li constantly plays her age appropriately and she will leave you in tears during her bigger scenes. She is easily one of the best actresses working today. ****/****

Jori P (ru) wrote: Ihan katottava Natsileffa. Ei mikn erikoinen.Suomeksi nimi on Tahdon Voitto

BarryBu H (gb) wrote: Devastating - and powerful

James P (br) wrote: This movie is very surprising because the times appear more liberal and seem to make more sense than what things do now for gays in the 2000's. Worth the watch for sure!

JY S (ag) wrote: Mike Wallis' Good for Nothing isn't good for much.Part of the story is fit for a comedy, but this film isn't funny at all, which includes the scenes where it seems like it's trying to be. The plot really takes a while to pick up with very little in the way of dialogue; by the time the lead characters reveal a portion of themselves, it is already deep into the film and it seems late, granted the run time is just under 90 minutes.The western style shootings aren't exciting or stylized much in any way shape or form, which probably pushes them toward the realistic side of things, despite some terrible aiming from the shooters.For most of the film, there is no hero and the villains are just plain forgettable. Cohen Holloway and Inge Rademeyer do show some potential, but the writing really holds them back.There isn't much to say about Good for Nothing, except to let it be and take a chance on something else.

lars m (au) wrote: This movie is amazing,from start to finish. and one of Joan's greatest performances. If this doesnt make you cry you have ice for blood!

Bruce s (kr) wrote: i enjoyed it at the time but would not rave about

Leigh W (ca) wrote: Bloody good film. Get it ;)

Domenic S (mx) wrote: Pitiful, pitiful film.

Kyle L (es) wrote: This movie has both style and grit. I like that. But style and grit do not a great movie make. Fortunately, Zack Snyder has such a strong source material to pull from. This movie may not meet the standards of the comic book, but it is a worthy monument.