The Great Silence

The Great Silence

A mute gunslinger fights in the defense of a group of outlaws and a vengeful young widow, against a group of ruthless bounty hunters.

A mute gunslinger faces off against a gang of bounty hunters in the great blizzard of 1899, and a grim, tense struggle unfolds. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (mx) wrote: A good, but rather forgettable movie.

Robert C (kr) wrote: A very good animation movie The Batman & Superman together awesome.

Edmund C (br) wrote: i like! especially when Ephram moved from role of unknown doctor into role of Trevor's love interest :) Well cast! There's hot chemistry between the two leads. Loved the rooftop scene, the wit, the exchanges between the two.. and the dynamics of their interaction was interesting to see.

Andrew M (fr) wrote: Flushed Away is a pretty good movie overall. A movie about a house pampered rat that gets flushed away into the sewers is brilliant. The plot of this movie is also brilliant. I would suggest this movie.

stefano l (us) wrote: As many movie of this kind, it's not bad, but in the end it leaves you unsatisfied.

Owen L (br) wrote: A Tim Burton masterpiece. A unique idea crazily put together by Master Burton. And the script - that was just awesome. And the acting - Johnny Depp is the best.This movie is artwork.

Trish C (gb) wrote: enjoyable.. interesting, positive depiction of community theatre and the people 'behind the scenes'.

Paul L (gb) wrote: I couldn't watch any further than 30 minutes into this film. It's an abomination.

Nhayelli A (au) wrote: art direction is somewhat impressive.

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Tim W (gb) wrote: I don't know why they decided a third movie would be a good idea. It was an unfunny uncreative flop.

Drew D (mx) wrote: HANDS DOWN THE BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valentina F (gb) wrote: So che puo' apparire melenso, che magari e' cosi' classico e cosi' tremendamente romantico che si possa pensare di non riuscire a sopportarlo... eppure io l'ho trovato bellissimo. E' semplicemente la descrizione di una storia, una romantica storia drammatica. Ancora piu' belle e commoventi le scene senza parlato, con la bellissima colonna sonora in sottofondo e i due amanti che si guardano, si studiano, si innamorano giorno dopo giorno anche dopo essersi innamorati la prima volta. Lo adoro questo film, ecco tutto!

Bob W (au) wrote: Kind of Britain's answer to Godzilla. Just as Godzilla conjured up images of Hiroshima and Tokyo's bombing, so too here, the Battle of Britain and London burning. This B-movie is excessively talkie and takes a long while before the monster attacks the city but the last half hour is worth it.

Joy E (it) wrote: Dark, gloomy, atmosphere, great acting, interesting plot, a bit too short in my opinion :P

Jimmy F (jp) wrote: All-cast movie which features Sylvester Stallone, Tom Berenger and Kyra Sedgwick about some writer that is shy or something. It's ok if there's nothing else on your tv.

Audric B (nl) wrote: This is one of those movies where I ask myself " Self, WHy do I do this to myself and watch bad movies" Really bad flick.

Nikhil J (kr) wrote: a moving performance by john hurt.