The Green Promise

The Green Promise

A stubborn farmer is raising his children alone. When his oldest daughter gets a suitor, the father nearly goes on the rampage, but he is forced to change his tune when he is injured, leaving her in charge of the farm.

A stubborn old farmer won't listen to any of his neighbors about how to improve the efficiency of his farm with modern methods, as he thinks "the old ways" were just fine. His three ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cooper H (us) wrote: Hands of Stone while filled with a great cast, has a jumbled story that tries to be equally political as it wants to be a boxing film. The fights themselves are strangely shot and limit the impact of the punches. Ana de Armas shines bright however.

Anthony T (it) wrote: Just walked by this film at the mall, saw it was made by fox. The fact a large studio would make a film that has no chance at all of ever being even remotely decent shows hope to young film makers everywhere. Never give up your dreams cause there is always a chance a great studio would buy your movie.

Marissa H (de) wrote: Very fun watching and seeing teams we played. This was my senior year and I knew some of the players on the team and other teams they played. Fun to see this story come to life when I didn't know much about their team except their football standing.

andrea w (mx) wrote: really thought this would be crap,but was pleasantly suprised.just as good as the others,and eagerly await more

Ariel H (es) wrote: Too long and I couldn't sit still. I'll have to get high and watch it again.

Jason E (ca) wrote: 5 short stories form this film, each one showing the desperate lengths Romanian's were forced to go to in order to survive hand to mouth under Ceaucescu's regime. Each story is both funny and serious. An interesting and enjoyable film.

Greg W (es) wrote: There is no denying the stylistic intentions on display here. But movies have to get by on more than ambition.

Jason L (it) wrote: The picture on the cover has nothing to do with the story. This is not a zombie flick. And the plot is so bad the tag line should be "When the snot flows, your life goes..."

David M (nl) wrote: A 12 year break is obviously what this franchise needed as this movie holds the fun energetic vibe that the first 3 'Die Hard's are missing. Unlike the first 3, this film is an entertaining thrill ride that holds your attention from start to finish. It looks modern & fresh, the fight scenes are hard-core & the action is impressive - even if it is a bit outrageous.

Connor B (fr) wrote: A very entertaining documentary about Mark "Gator" Rogowski. It was really kind of sad to see where Mark Rogowski and others have gone since the whole change in the skate industry in the early 90's.

Nick m (ag) wrote: I thought that Anywhere But Here was a very intelligent, dramatic, & funny 1999 film. Susan Surandon is money in this, Portman is too, but the combination of those two is like magic to your eyes & brain. This movie is a typical Surandon movie, she plays the upbeat, a little bit crazy, mother (kind of like her character in Thelma & Louise). You have to be aware it's a very uneven movie though, it's mostly about a disfunctional family, mostly just Surandon & Portman. For being so young Portman plays an amazing teenager in this, you could tell that she was a great actress all along. Even though this isn't a big movie, it was still enjoyable to watch, & it luckily has a happy ending.

Jesse T (gb) wrote: In addition to being Macaulay Culkin's "I'm all grown up now" movie, Party Monster is pretty much a guilty pleasure.

Richard D (ca) wrote: I kind of love this admittedly flawed film. What do I think is flawed? Largely the narrative, which is far from bad, but at times makes a bit less sense than it should. More than once it really feels like a book compressed into the length of a feature film, and you can sense that bits of the plot are missing. Along similar lines, while Dafoe's narration is occasionally on point, it often feels like it was dropped in because the screenwriter couldn't figure out any other way to introduce some idea from the book that felt crucial. So, why do I love it? Because the central performances in this film are incredible and they all serve what I think is Schrader's biggest interest in making the film ... focusing on the legacy of violence. Coburn towers over this film afraid of nothing and nobody. Nolte embodies a small boy reacting to perceived injustices with no control over his anger. Dafoe is withdrawn, but supports Nolte beyond the bounds of reason due to a bond forged in their traumatic childhood. I could watch these three perform these parts with no story at all.

Codie E (us) wrote: The film should be successful, the tight one set allowing a great deal of focus to the few characters, some provocative subject material and Altman at the helm. But it just doesn't click, uninventive camera work, overly dramatic, with a patchy script, and a terrible performance by Michael Wright.

Stuart K (jp) wrote: Milos Forman took on E.L. Doctorow's sprawling novel set in the very early 20th Century in New York and surrounding locales. It was going to be a bugger to adapt, so Forman opted to focus on one segment of Doctorow's novel he identified with, racial prejudice. The other segments took a back seat for most of the time. It looks beautiful, and it has one HELL of a brilliant cast, but it does feel cold, but it's enjoyable while it lasts. The segment of racism focuses on gifted black piano player Coalhouse Walker Jr. (Howard E. Rollins Jr.), who has found fame and success with a jazz band, but when his pride is threatened by racist firemen, he decides to make a stand. It's an epic film, and the recreation of turn of the century America looks wonderful, beautifully complimented with a great score by Randy Newman, plus it marked the return of James Cagney, (who by then looked like Ronnie Barker. :P) But, the supporting cast make up for any of the films shortcomings, including Brad Dourif, Elizabeth McGovern, Kenneth McMillan, Donald O'Connor, Mandy Patinkin, Richard Griffiths, Jeff Daniels, Fran Drescher, Michael Jeter, Debbie Allen, Mary Steenburgen and a young Samuel L. Jackson!! :D

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