The Grey Area

The Grey Area

The Grey Area is a feature documentary about the lives of inmates at a maximum-security women's prison in Mitchellville, Iowa. The film focuses on the unique experience of teaching and ...

The Grey Area is a feature documentary about the lives of inmates at a maximum-security women's prison in Mitchellville, Iowa. The film focuses on the unique experience of teaching and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Panos Y (de) wrote: Very promising start, by the middle it has got its grip on you, but then the story does not know how to proceed or even what to deliver. Dissappointing ending, very unfullfilling.

Brooks W (de) wrote: Sometimes you just gotta let go and enjoy a good, fun movie. Khan is your typical action hero doing typical action here stuff, he carries the movie. Katrina Kaif handles her action and music scenes well but her acting is phoned in.Comedy and music transcend cultural barriers for non- Indian audiences. If you like Bond you'll love Tiger. Just a fun ride.

Cameron B (br) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie, and found it pretty interesting. I thought it was very effective in how they in the beginning would show all of the anti gay opinions, and then go on to show how they really do not hold up as an argument. I also was kinda shocked at how much hate, and anger the bishop had received because he was gay, especially since christianity is a religion that accepts everyone. Another thing that they did well was show how these very religious family's acted in response to finding out their children were gay, and how when all the anger and abuse happens to someone you love it completely changes your view. I also liked how they would go on the street and get ever ones opinions on the topic

Hanna J (it) wrote: I saw this movie yesterday, visually stunning, but also showing without any commentary hordes of "single " and young Egyptian males, unemployed and or non employable, wasting their times in cafes, smoking water pipes and harassing unattended females, while their wives or mothers are working, providing food and taking care of their homes. Overworked females covered in hot and suffocating hijabs. Really truly a "romantic" movie showing dysfunctional and misogynistic society on the brink of new oppression this time courtesy of Muslim Brotherhood, further restricting rights of their female population and ignoring rights of non Muslims and other minorities.

Luke B (ru) wrote: Kerrigan explores some darker parts of the mind as Lewis searches for his missing daughter. The realistic way in which Kerrigan shoots has the film covered by an uncomfortable sense of dread. Lewis gives the performance of a lifetime, rarely off-screen, and often acting against himself, Lewis captures the desperation and tragedy, as well as the flaws that any human has. Breslin gives another example of why she will become one of the world's greatest actresses and Ryan continues to impress. Every role is played with subtlety, and there's no non-digetic music to intrude on proceedings. A little bit of wonderful, delivered at a thoughtful pace.

Mario J (ag) wrote: Nada original y muy predecible... Entretiene por un rato.

Todd S (nl) wrote: What a depressing movie!? That poor kid! It really makes you wonder just how many kids are suffering that way on a daily basis. It also makes you appreciate what you've got.

Scott A (au) wrote: Not sure how I never saw this bigger release from Nicole Kidman, a personal goddess, but it was not worth the wait.It was far too long and far too boring. The only real meat to the story is the final 15 minutes or so, and even then they find a way to make it end on a totally cheesy note.Kidman is decent here, both her and Cruise have some really bad accents going on and they have zero chemistry on film...probably why the marriage never worked out.Nice to see Michelle Johnson in a small role, as she seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth in recent years. Some of the other supporting cast shine, like Meany.The score also bothered me at times, as it seemed far too playful and not serious enough.Glad I finally watched it, but would never again.

Aj V (it) wrote: This movie wasn't exactly what I expected or wanted to see, but it was okay. You learn a lot about Chinese Americans, Chinatown, and culture clashes. I liked that part, and the little bits of humor strewn about. What I didn't like was the ending.

Mister C (au) wrote: Second helping of the Universal produced romantic comedies of the 1960's,pairing again Rock Hudson and Doris Day in the follow up to the scrubbed-clean,but highly successful 1959 comedy "Pillow Talk". In this outing titled "Lover Come Back",Rock Hudson plays macho advertising executive Jerry Webster,who has succeeded in business without really trying,preferring to show other executives a good time on the order in order to climb the corporate ladder. Doris Day's character Carol Templeton is a straight arrow;she hasn;t met Jerry in the flesh,but really hates him by reputation. Mistaken identity and outrageous hijinks ensue. And when a client's candy samples turn out to have the effect of a triple martini,Jerry and Carol do more than talk on their pillows. Day's canary voice delivers the title track during the opening credits and unexpectedly breaks into "Should I Surrender?" to mull over her ambivalent feelings for Jerry once she figures out that he's such a cad,but however handsome. The 1961 Oscar winner for Best Screenplay(written by Paul Henning and Stanley Shapiro),this was one of Universal's biggest theatrical hits when it came out around Christmas of 1961,becoming one of the top ten highest grossing films of that year. Not only Doris Day and Rock Hudson bring on the laughs,but with Tony Randall and Edie Adams. Several stars on board here including some famiilar names most of known for their television work including Ann B. Davis, along with Joe Flynn, Jack Albertson, Jack Kruschen, Jack Oakie,and the movie debut of a young Donna Douglas(the future Elly May Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies that was by the way created-written and produced by Paul Henning).