The guinea pig 2: Nôtoru Damu no andoroido

The guinea pig 2: Nôtoru Damu no andoroido

A dwarf scientist has his dreams frustrated when his sister becomes seriously ill. Determined to find a way to preserve the essence of his sister after the death, the scientist begins to use humans as guinea pigs in a bizarre experiment.

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The guinea pig 2: Nôtoru Damu no andoroido torrent reviews

Dylan J (mx) wrote: Unquestionably one of the worst sequels and one of the worst animated movies PERIOD. Whatever idiots they pulled together to make this sequel clearly did not watch the original, because NOTHING is consistent with what was clearly established in the first movie. None of the heart, magic, soul, darkness, or mystery of the first movie is present in this sequel; it's nothing more than a bland, watered-down musical knockoff harkening some of the lesser direct-to-video Disney sequels....which by the way, are better watches than this contrived piece of shit. None of the events of the first are acknowledged, Mrs. Brisby is barely even a whisper in this movie, the film hounds on your ears with all the overblown praise showered on Timmy when he does not do one worthwhile thing throughout the whole story, the villains all suck, and Timmy himself goes from total wimp to total egotistical asshole who goes off getting everybody else in the schtick for his mistakes. The new characters add nothing to the plot, and the Magical Mystery Show Song sung by Jeremy and Cecil make me wanna punch the TV screen. Only "What Have I Done" and "I'm My Father's Son" are halfway decent, but that's not enough to save this movie. Not to mention the huge waste of A-list voice talents, Dom DeLuise, William H. Macy, Hynden Walch......such a black mark on their records, although thankfully a mostly forgotten one. All in all, a huge insult to Don Bluth's masterpiece and an even bigger insult to the fans who love it. I do not recommend this movie to anyone with an IQ higher than 0, because this is just retardation to the max. What's really shocking is that the director had a hand in projects such as Batman: The Animated Series, The Mummy animated series, and even The Rescuers. You'd think after so many successful projects one would know better about quality. No excuse at all.

Grant S (us) wrote: So-so. Clearly an attempt to plagiarise the Quentin Tarantino style of film-making, especially the swagger and dialogue. However, mostly just comes off as a lame imitation. Some scenes and actions seem lifted straight out of Tarantino movies.Part of the problem lies in the casting. Thomas Jane and Aaron Eckhart don't have the swagger and delivery necessary for a Tarantinoesque role. Or maybe it is just the fact that writer-director Skip Woods is no Quentin Tarantino.

Karine D (us) wrote: Disturbing movie but touching at times. Too bad it's no longer available in DVD

Adam R (kr) wrote: Dana Carvey is mildly amusing as a con man. I had hoped for better, but it's reasonably entertaining. (First and only viewing - 11/5/2014)

Paul N (es) wrote: Like its lead characters, Richard Curtis' feature screenwriting debut is often funny, awkward and, while lacking polish, is ultimately charming. Emma Thompson is killer, Rowan Atkinson is amusingly abrasive, and Goldblum is pretty good -- although I couldn't quite believe that his character would so readily cause the film's major conflict. Still, it's very British fun and, as you'd expect from Curtis, has its fair share of quotable lines.

John E (jp) wrote: A slightly less funny, and less original premise than the first film.

Judge L (ag) wrote: First time sitting down and watching this film in its entirety. The redeeming quality of the movie is the rock and alpine climbing footage shot in Monument Valley and in the Lauterbrunnen Valley on the Eiger (my favorite mountain which I have been fortunate to have seen 3 times in person). Worth a watch if you are into climbing.

Grayson D (au) wrote: Fantastic Laurel and Hardy comedy in which they play their own twin brothers. The film also has higher than usual production values.

Logan B (jp) wrote: The films effects are outstanding the cast is amazing and the film even adds a scenes of humour among all it's ruble making for a underrated disaster film with a strong family focus and emphasis on nature and thrilling thought provoking danger

Tiasha T (gb) wrote: Could've been better . Where they went with the concept of the story it definitely could've been bigger, I was hoping it got there but it was ok . Less dramatics on the superstition & more with the story line .