The Gunfighter

The Gunfighter

Gregory Peck stars as an aging notorious gunslinger, Johnny Ringo. Sick of killing he tries to avoid trouble, but when a cocksure young man named Eddie draws on him, Ringo has no choice but to kill him. Now Eddie's three brothers are after him. Ringo decides to return East to see his estranged wife and young son before the brothers catch up with him.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1950
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   widow,   hotel,  

Notorious gunfighter Jimmy Ringo rides into town to find his true love, who doesn't want to see him. He hasn't come looking for trouble, but trouble finds him around every corner. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexis D (nl) wrote: A strange and hilarious black comedy/ love story.

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Toby B (ca) wrote: Witty, charming, and a bit dark. Wonderful performances.

Shani P (kr) wrote: OMG WHAT *@**! I was praying the murderer killed all 5 within the first 5 mins on the film starting. Hated the BAD actors, boring plot, not scary not anything except unwatcheable. I watched this whole movie in less then 20 mins, thank the lords for fast forward buttons.

Ed K (us) wrote: The David Lynch character is the only redeeming thing about this.

Riley H (br) wrote: I guess this is kind of like the new wave thing over again, some French guy remakes an American movie and it's better. Same thing here. Aside from Keitel being slightly more sleazy than the lead in the Beat My Heart is Skipped, I gotta say the latter is a far, far better film. If there hadn't been any James Brown nipple sucking, I might have been okay with it.

Matt M (gb) wrote: Rock Hudson plays a scientist who, while experimenting with fetuses, discovers a way to grow one to an adult in just a few days. However, one of his human experiments turns into an intelligent psycho killer. One in a long line of terrible and clueless horror films which starred classic Hollywood stars. Avoid at all costs.

Allan C (kr) wrote: This Billy Wilder comedy was largely condemned as smut when it was originally released and even now it divides Wilder fans. Myself, I'm in the defender's camp and quite like this film. Ray Walston and Cliff Osmond plays amateur songwriters living in the small Nevada town of Climax when Vegas superstar "Dino" (played by Dean Martin doing terrific exaggeration of his public persona) drives through town. The two then scheme to sell Dino their songs by throwing Walston's wife at Dino, except they chase off his real wife, Felicia Farr, and instead hire local prostitute Pistol Polly, played by the always wonderful Kim Novak. The film's humor is incredibly smuty for it's time, but it's also very funny. Martin is hilarious and it also seems like there's never a Kim Novak film where I don't fall in love with her. For me, Novak really steals the film. Ira Gershwin wrote the songs using some of George Gershwin's unpublished melodies. The film also features Mel Blanc in a bit part as Dr. Sheldrake and Henry Gibson also has a small role. I've been reading a Billy Wilder interview book right now and Wilder seems kind of embarrassed by this film, which is sad. He loved Dean Martin, saying he was the funniest man in Hollywood, and he also loved Novak, but Wilder seemed to feel that the film didn't quite work for audiences and didn't really want to talk about it. The film does try to mix some broad comedy and bittersweet comedy in a similar way that he did in "The Fortune Cookie," and like that film, it mostly works but isn't quite as perfectly balanced as it was in "The Apartment" (thought that film was really a broad comedy). Still, this film is very funny and Novak very likable, which is more than enough to make this a Wilder and I.A.L Diamond classic in my mind.

Jo Y (br) wrote: I liked Ester and Red s.

Dane P (ca) wrote: Visually striking especially for 1940 Gezz the animation is spectacular. My only gripe is that its pretty uneven in its delivery. Some sequences go on longer than needed like the one involving greek mythology. Whatever its still timeless

Jeff C (fr) wrote: Disappointing swansong from Capra and remake of "Lady for a Day" lacks the original's humour and sincerity.