The Halo Effect

The Halo Effect

Extreme sports the parts you do not see in documentaries. Especially what can go wrong.

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Ocram I (fr) wrote: 80% Werner Herzog and David Lynch present cerebral unconventionality at its finest, put to the test in a typical police hostage formula. Be warned, this is a thriller involving psychosis, matricide, a whimsical Peruvian river, flamingos, ostriches, a midget in a tux, but overall, just a human beings emotions reacting to nature through impacts from childhood. You could say that's my interpretation of this film.


Rose L (br) wrote: it's awesome and hilarious, haven't laugh so hard for so long, even that i don't understand french and english subtitle is a bit weird but i can just follow the movie easily. much funnier than Bolt, that's why i like to watch independent movies hahaha......

Glen O (au) wrote: Elvis' film debut is a B grade horse opera saved only by his charismatic presence. He is still learning how to act, is a little too eager in his performance, but shows great potential. At first Elvis didn't want to do any songs in the film, wanting instead to be a "real actor" like his heroes Brando and Dean. But the Colonel insisted and so songs were produced. They're pretty lame and do not really capture the fire of the young Elvis in the way that his live performances from the same period did. Interestingly, this film is referenced in Neil Young's song "He Was the King" from the album "Prairie Wind." The last time I saw Elvis He was up on the silver screen Pushing a plough in a black and white movie And everybody started to scream Yes, he was the King That first appearance of Elvis on the silver screen certainly captures a moment in history, and the film is probably worth owning for that reason alone, but don't expect much more.

Larry R B (br) wrote: It was silly! First you think it is a serious horror film then it starts stealing one liners from other films, ext. "The truth? You can't handle the truth!" The last 2 minutes are black screen w/ credits and a song by some rock band playing, I kept watching/ waiting for something to happen.

Mitch T (gb) wrote: As good and as honest as any Christian film I've ever seen! Mia and I absolutely loved it!

Moriah F (de) wrote: Not terrible. Reminds me of Goonies. Very adventurous and exciting and fun.

Bill S (jp) wrote: An extremely fun adventure :)

David B (ru) wrote: A powerful and thought provoking movie. How far would you go to protect your loved ones? and would you be considered a savage or a humanitarian. Some ignorant critics are calling the movie 'torture porn', absolute rot, for that genre watch Hostel, Saw or even Reservoir Dogs. The setting of the movie is more akin to that of a stage play with you, the audience, questioning your own moral code via the actions on the screen. The religious might not want to look in the mirror after watching this movie!

Iain B (fr) wrote: More of a Skoda than a Rolls Royce... 20 mins, binned

Jennette B (br) wrote: Very interesting movie.

Cory T (ag) wrote: Finally after a string of duds, 'Mother's Day, an acidic dark comedy and horror hybrid has salvaged the doldrums of Halloween. Troma Entertainment has never been airtight with technical gaffes (an editing mistake results in a blood spray occurring prior to a decapitation), but this chilling oddity benefits incalculably from the gregarious rapport of the female trio and a savage satire on obeying one's elders. During a candid slide-show of their Rat Pack college pranks and a 'Now & Then'-esque flashback to their retaliation against a prideful baseball player, the three woman are multifaceted and given an inseparable camaraderie that we sympathize with. Rose Ross as mother is both hospitable and unspeakably vile. The backwoods brothers recreate television shows because the Svengali mother "take's what's good from the city and leaves the rest". Some of the lampooning is tacked-on like the non-idyllic portrayals of LA and NY, but 'Mother's Day' is first and foremost a rabid exploitation movie and it drips an unbearably sickening atmosphere (the supernatural Queenie freeze-frame is a pulpy jump scare) which is the purpose of these films.

Sawyer W (us) wrote: Well holy sh*t. That movie was fricken scary and good! I'd watch this movie during the day if you get scared easily. Definitely watch this one!