The Hardy Bucks Movie

The Hardy Bucks Movie

Eddie Durkan, the self-proclaimed leader of the 'Bucks is dreading spending another summer bored out of his skull. Ireland has qualified for the Euros in Poland, but with no money and apathetic mates, the task falls to Eddie to get them out of Castletown and onto the road in search of football and the craic.

Eddie Durkan, the self-proclaimed leader of the 'Bucks is dreading spending another summer bored out of his skull. Ireland has qualified for the Euros in Poland, but with no money and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Edith N (ca) wrote: In Which Quiet Desperation Finds Its Voice This movie is based on a true story. Nella Last, here portrayed by British comedic actress Victoria Wood, was one of some 480 British citizens to keep diaries for the Mass Observation project, a private social research organization intended to find out what the Average British Citizen really thought of things. It started with wondering what the British people Really Thought about the abdication of King Edward VIII. The project actually survived into the '60s--and was revived again in the '80s. Really, I'm quite glad they kept on after the war, if the portrayal of Mrs. Last is accurate. I don't know about its sociological value; fewer than five hundred people out of a population of millions isn't much of a sample size. But it must have been nice to know that someone was listening, even if you never knew if they actually cared about what you had to say. Better than knowing they didn't, I suppose. Nella Last was forty-nine in the summer of 1939 when she began her diary. Within days, the German army would invade Poland, and the UK would go to war. Before the War, Mrs. Last was a quiet, shy woman with uncertain nerves. She did whatever her husband (David Threlfall) expected of her. She took great care of her sons, the stuffy Arthur (Ben Crompton) and the artistic Cliff (Christopher Harper). At first, her husband resists her intention to join the Women's Voluntary Service. However, when she joins, she blossoms. In the early days, it's largely run by the upper class women of Barrow-in-Furness, but Nella discovers that she is extremely good at organization, and the other women are glad to discover that she is willing to work hard. Unfortunately, her husband isn't so fond of the new Nella, and the War provides some terrible experiences for Cliff, the only person she ever had to rely on. However, through it all, she worked to find herself and serve her country and family. Okay, look. It's not her fault she didn't realize her son was gay. (Cliff Last was a real person, of course, though the Wikipedia article does not establish anything about his sexuality except that this movie says he was gay.) I mean, it's perfectly obvious [i]in the story[/i] and [i]to a modern audience[/i], but it would have been within Nella's lifetime that Oscar Wilde served his prison sentence--and popularized the phrase "the love that dare not speak its name." Yes, all right, there have always been people with those feelings, but after all, it wasn't until quite recently that we realized how common they are. It wouldn't have occurred to her that Cliff was in love with James (Joseph Kennedy); she still thought he wanted to marry Evelyn (Sin Brooke)--which he might well have done, had the world gone a different way. It would be hard to care much about propriety in a world as mad as the world of Europe in World War II, I should think, especially after your love was killed. As shown here, it's heartbreaking to watch Nella's life. She is a bright and clever woman. She has a knack that she never would have discovered in another world. Her husband expected her to go out only when he wanted to--and he never wanted to. Which meant she would stay in whether she wanted to or not. Her concerns were all about him and her sons. She initially refuses to join the WVS. Her husband wouldn't approve, you see. When she does go, she initially is convinced she won't go back. And so forth. Each step she takes is into a new world, one where she is more herself than an extension of her husband. She is done being quiet and listening to the whining of her impossible sister-in-law, Dot (Lorraine Ashbourne). She has a life now, and she's going to live it--even if it means going to parties without her husband. She's also a lot more inclined to take credit when it's due her and stand up for herself to those upper-class ladies, even Mrs. Waite (Stephanie Cole), who runs the thing. The movie also tells us what Nella Last did not know. We see a few scenes in the office of the Mass Observation project, including seeing the woman whose job it was to actually read her diaries (Daisy Haggard, possibly, or maybe Clare Wille?) and her reactions to it. She is absolutely brought to tears by Nella's sorrows and elated Nella stands up to the people who need standing up to. She's a little worried; Nella's marriage is so unpleasant, and are all marriages that bad? Will hers be? It would be hard not to get involved in these people's lives, I think, especially if they revealed their innermost thoughts and not just what happened to them in any given day. Nella Last scribbled her thoughts in pencil, mostly, and she probably didn't think that anyone would ever really show an interest. But there are books out now that are transcriptions of those pencil notes. You don't have to be a great person to draw the interest of your readers. In this case, it only took a sympathetic one.

Mohammed A (jp) wrote: It's good movie to watch

miri m (ru) wrote: very sad love story and salman is great in this movie ...

Dr F P (ru) wrote: Just WHY do i get drawn into things like this? I guess i'm a sucker. It's one of those teen feel good movies mostly directed at females. It's not awful but pretty much everything that happens is complete bullshit. I guess that's why it isn't too bad, because it knows it's silly and ridiculous, or does it? I mean JEEZ. I'm not much a fan of Colin Firth, he really has been type cast hasn't he?

Michael M (au) wrote: Story of People who play a ouija board and unwake the souls of Dead people.....then they get Killed but its not dead people its actually one of the members of the Group Horror

John C (ru) wrote: Though its not the "Pulp Fiction" masterpiece that it was written and intended to be, 'Cop Land" deserves to be seen for Ray Liotta, Harvey Keitel and Sylvester Stallone's performances alone, and has proven more and more relevant as time goes on.

Kerry M (ca) wrote: I love Steve Buscemi, and thought that this was a great directorial debut from him.

Kevin L (jp) wrote: Pretty lame scares but interesting lore.

Gabriel S (gb) wrote: Classic young Elvira. Young Boys coming of age need to dream about something on halloween.

john m (gb) wrote: one of my favorites when I was younger

David W (au) wrote: Hilarious in tone and musical acted, Blazing Saddles defines the Western genre into great slap stick comedy.

Luis A H (de) wrote: Fun, Insane, and with loads of Blood to boost, Shoot 'Em Up's logic defies physics and logics by the sake of over-the-top adrenaline pumping insanity with gleeful self-awareness and surprising social commentary enough to deliver exactly what an action flick is supposed to do.

Edwin U (au) wrote: my favorite movie of all time. Great film to practice acting too.

Jess L (es) wrote: Most people shit can this movie but I didn't mind it. Mike Myers stretched his acting legs a bit with this film and is pretty good, but has since shied away from such roles. Still I'd prefer to see him in something like this than Shrek 3, or 4, or 5... Not as good as Boogie Nights, it's a light take on some serious and some not so serious issues. Check it out.