The Harvey Girls

The Harvey Girls

Vittles, songs and dance are amply ladeled out when Judy Garland headlines The Harvey Girls, a joyous musical slice of Americana celebrating the restaurants that brought extra helpings of civilization to Old West rail passengers.

On a train trip West to become a mail order bride Susan Bradley meets a cheery crew of young women traveling out to open a " Harvey House " restaurant at a remote whistle stop to provide ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erulisse A (es) wrote: It's as brainless, ridiculous & shallow as action movies starring meat-heads go... but the stunts, the fights and of cos Cena, makes it a lovely + entertaining 1hr 45min journey.

Ricardo R (ca) wrote: i think this film is really over underrated

Finn O (ag) wrote: Great soundtrack. Great characters. I loved it. But someone like Georgia would never get Robbie over Lindsay.

Manch F (de) wrote: Heath Ledger's performance was the only good thing about this movie and everyone knows it.

Eliabeth S (it) wrote: Enjoyable to watch; not overly deep. I will watch Cecille de France in anything. Favorite character is Valerie Lemercier's character - so funny!

Logan M (es) wrote: A portrait of midlife crisis, "Synecdoche, New York" is unusually conventional for Charlie Kaufman, but is backed by a sense of cerebral surrealism only he could provide.

Grant H (ru) wrote: Great movie. One of the film's biggest and few flaws is that it drags on in moments, but yet still delivers a compelling and breathtaking tale of survival told with stellar direction from Zemeckis and led by a committed performance from Hanks.

Raquel J (au) wrote: Since the original godzilla is waaay before my time, I'm pretty loyal to the '98 version. I loved this movie and despite the terrible lighting (its horribly dark throughout the movie :( ) i think this godzilla is much better than the original. The japanese original was cheesy and unappealing to me. I couldnt even get through 10 minutes of the original. Instead of looking like a mutated lizard looks more like a fat guy in a mutant teddy bear suit. I know its from the 50s though. I think the 90s godzilla was more believable and more appealing. I know the original has one hell of a cult following and thats why most people were not open to it but i still love the '98 godzilla. I think to say it was complete crap is unfair especially considering that the 90s version does have a following as well. I think its good that someone improved on the design, but if someone thinks its crap their welcome to go back to the original

Andrew G (ag) wrote: This dreary melancholy sucks you into the lives of the films characters. Hirokazu's depiction of death and mourning is always fresh and Maborosi is no exception.

Andrew J (es) wrote: Gets four and a half stars for being very entertaining and watchable. It loses 0.5 stars for almost being too good.

Katie M (au) wrote: Now I know why it took me 12 years to finally give in and watch this. I shoulda just left well enough alone. (wish T.P. had as well!)

Max M (ru) wrote: Writer/director/animator Ralph Bakshi's follow-up to his enormously successful debut Fritz the Cat. What started out as an attempt at adapting Hubert Selby's controversial novel Last Exit to Brooklyn, becomes a much more personal film for Bakshi (and personal favorite), set on the mean streets of New York and following the trials and tribulations of Michael Corleone, a half-Italian half-Jewish aspiring cartoonist.Bakshi amps up the surreal quotient in his storytelling and animation to depict a New York, and the over-the-top characters that dwell therein, that are equal parts fantasy and reality, sinister and fascinating, beautiful and violent, hilarious and shocking.It's a brilliant piece of work (that is also a bit rough around the edges - an aspect which I find lends an air of authenticity and urgency to it) from one of the cinemas most daring and uncompromising artists.

David D (de) wrote: It's hard to imagine how bad that is, but don't let that stop you from avoiding it.

Brian N (ca) wrote: While not a terrible film on its prima facia, it suffers from the fact that almost everything in it is a rehash of joke from the British TV show that spawn the movie. While not a bad way of introducing the material to a new audience, the were, by far, not the "best bits of Bean". Despite my admiration for both the actor and the character, I can't call this movie anything more than "mediocre".

Logan M (de) wrote: Very mature and interesting, it's a neo-noir flick that's original, straight forward, and really rethinks high school life.

Susan J (ag) wrote: I absolutely LOVED the movie and the performances. Watching the performances alone made the movie worth while. I watch it over and over all the time.

Alec B (gb) wrote: One of Pixar's most enduring efforts and while most of it's pleasures are derived from the visual design the voice casting of Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres are inspired choices.

Ronan F (gb) wrote: Surprisingly good, but also quite harrowing, Riz Ahmed is great, and supporting actors do a fine job, but it's the direction that's the real highlight as you're dragged along, kicking and screaming through what you have to hope is nobody's life...yet you know it probably is...

Boogie B (es) wrote: I enjoyed the first Machete. I found it to be fun, sexy, badass, a cool throwback to grindhouse movies, and from the first fake 2007 trailer I thought this movie worked well. This not so much. I think Robert Rodriguez needs to move on from Grindhouse like Cinema. I never thought I would say this, but Sofia Vergara made this movie entertaining ( good job Sofia). I would just stick to the first one.