The Hatred

The Hatred

Four young women travel to their college professor's new country home for a weekend getaway, only to discover that the house has a malevolent past.

Four young women travel to their professor's country home and discover the house is haunted by a dark and violent history involving a Nazi, his daughter, and an ancient artifact that feeds on fear. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dwayne R (ca) wrote: I rate very few movies as high as this. Loved it. Loved John Wayne and Roscoe Lee Browne. And the boys.Interesting that I watched this on Labor Day. Child labor. Eleven boys no older than thirteen, riding herd on a cattle drive with a promise of fifty silver dollars each at trail's end. Obvious capitalist exploitation of children, comrades.If you've never seen this movie, go rent it.

Nikki D (it) wrote: I wasn't sure whether I liked this film, the ending was very sudden. I liked the scene where the limo goes through the protestors. Quite claustrophobic set mainly inside the car. Robert Pattinson is very unlikeable throughout.

Sarah L (mx) wrote: epic apocalypso poetry. oh ewan, still as wonderful as ever (aries sun/pisces venus, dangit). and I still need captions for ewan bremner! ^_^

Tiffany S (fr) wrote: not awesome acting but really effed up!

Alexander C (mx) wrote: N/a

Blake B (ru) wrote: Terrible movie, but Katie I'd be content watching her do just about anything.

GARY L (us) wrote: Grew up watchin this movie. Nobody can steal Eastwood's thunder but Mario Van Peebles Stitch Jones character almost steals the show...almost.

Chris M (ag) wrote: I am not the biggest fan of Ralph Baksh, but I think this movie is alright. It has an interesting premise and a dark atmosphere, but I felt the story was flat and the characters aren't very interesting.

Sylvester E (de) wrote: I enjoyed every single moment of this film!!!!!!

Zane C (fr) wrote: awful direction and pacing, besides Jamie Foxx the acting was average.

Daniel P (jp) wrote: This movie strikes a tone that few before it have, and presents a undergraduate environment as one in which people aren't who they seem to be and are always putting on airs to disguise their weakness of spirit, morals or intellect. The ending was wacky and I couldn't get my head around it, but for most of the film the characters and the conversations were interesting despite the uncommon language they used. The film is full of little ironies and the characters hypocritical, and yet, it doesn't come off as satirical; in fact, I found I could relate to it, more than five years after finishing my BA. The cripplingly good intentions are something to behold, as is the self-obsession and projection, but what's remarkable about the movie is that it's still all rather happy... and not in that saccharine or hollowly nostalgic way that college movies usually are; I genuinely liked these characters while simultaneously watching them be repulsive. A solid story of anti-heroes that would play well with fans of HBO's Girls or Sex and the City (the TV series, not the cheap cinematic cash-ins), and a film that can generate a lot of discussion about altruism and whether or not it's completely dead. Worth checking out, if only because no two people will read it the same way.