The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto

The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto is an animated comedy that also combines elements of a horror and thriller film. It is based upon the comic book series created by Rob Zombie that follows the character of El Superbeasto and his sexy sidekick sister, Suzi-X, voiced by Sheri Moon, as they confront an evil villain by the name of Dr. Satan.

The film is about the adventure of El Superbeasto, a suave, yet violent exploitation film actor, director and former masked wrestler, and his sultry "sidekick" and sister, the super-agent Suzi-X, as they prevent the evil Dr. Satan from taking over the world by marrying the foul-mouthed stripper Velvet Von Black with the mark of the devil on her backside. The adventure, set in the mythic world of Monsterland, also features Murray the Robot, Suzi-X's sidekick and vehicle, based on the robot featured in the 1939 serial The Phantom Creeps starring Bela Lugosi. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill R (nl) wrote: this wasn't too bad, some of the bad choices of the charters were a bit ridiculous but all in all not a bad little horror movie.

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Greg G (ag) wrote: Very gruesome! Need to see the other TCM movies to compare

Roger A (nl) wrote: Such a sublime watching experience.

Pat H (ru) wrote: Guilty pleasure. Terrible as hell but infinitely watchable.

Pramod N (jp) wrote: A very very cool movie, aamir khan's one of coolest performances too.

John S (ca) wrote: I love this movie! There seems to be poor reviews all around this flick and perhaps only by the harshest and theatre focused critics. As a person who watches movie and almost rarely see's theatre and who saw this movie before any knowledge of it being a theatre production, found the unique blend of famous celebrity faces and zany characters bonded by the fast pace of the script and story line, found this film to be refreshing, witty, outrageous and very funny.Of course by the end I shouted out "This would make a great play" and apparantely it is a great one. Perhaps it's like a Cirque du Soleil event. Live is the absolute only way to go, otherwise there genuinely is no point.But remember, I've never seen the live version of this gem, to me, it's a favorite classic comedy film filled with antics, wit, slapstick. It's one that I love from the 90's and recommend to anyone who appreciates a laugh.

RON (kr) wrote: liked it,loved the music sound track

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