The Hawks and the Sparrows

The Hawks and the Sparrows

Joe This richly symbolic film is really impossible to understand without some knowledge of 20th Century Italian history, and particularly the power of the Roman Catholic Church. The Lateran...

On an empty road, an old man is walking with his son. They meet a crow that can speak. They are changed into monks and Saint Francois sent them to preach for hawks and sparrows. A reflexion... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (fr) wrote: Sigh...Pierce Brosnan deserves to be in better movies than this! I did not like this at all.

Sowmya S (us) wrote: It was a fultoo family drama

Miguel R (es) wrote: American Splendor is dull, annoying, and overrated

Kalyana C (ru) wrote: the best Indian gangsta movie ever...looks at the mumbai underworld at a micro level..that I probably watched countless times...its got a great score...

Denny L (ca) wrote: A nice little coming of age story.

Fernando Jos G (nl) wrote: Esto parece una pelcula documentada literalmente. Se trata de una representacin magnfica del acontecimiento histrico de la II Guerra Mundial pero se torna vaca en momentos que pudieron agregarle chispa de manera moderada. Sin embargo es una produccin visiblemente aceptable y sus efectos son realmente impecables.

The Critic (gb) wrote: A rather amusing entry into the long-running series. For the most part, this parody of Tarzan and Amazon women is quite fun with mostly effective gags (the bed-hopping sequence gets a little tired).

Doris K (jp) wrote: Very slow. Not nearly as good as anticipated.

Matt M (mx) wrote: This German romantic comedy drama is really the fruit of the influence of all those sloppy American films of the same kind. Certainly one to miss.

Konrad A (fr) wrote: This is a too confusing science fiction movie I had a hard time understanding it. It was not that great

Jared B (de) wrote: My favorite movie ever