The Heart of the Earth

The Heart of the Earth

Tensions mount in an Andalusia mining town between local Spanish workers and their British employers.

Tensions mount in an Andalusia mining town between local Spanish workers and their British employers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg H (ag) wrote: A good example of a documentary film that DID NOT get out of its own way. The parts are fine but the way they're sutured is more odd than a Vulcan wedding.

Gary F (kr) wrote: Haa!! perfect gamer teash talking

Jennifer E (nl) wrote: Opened doors in my faith I didn't know possible. A must see...yes, please see this with someone you love.

Luke L (ag) wrote: Some of the dialogue is a bit clich (C) & on the nose, and it doesn't carry the emotional weight it's more successful predecessor THE QUEEN did, but it's compelling none the less.

(mx) wrote: Horrible this director sucks bad terrible story been done before yet way better!

Brian H (au) wrote: I actually watched this film before its predecessor, and its still better.

Houston H (us) wrote: little better than the last one

Fabien R (kr) wrote: De sacr spcimens. Flashy as only in America.

Russell G (gb) wrote: A dimwitted deliveryman finds himself framed for murder. In attempts to escape, he hides by posing as a Ranger Scouts leader. Daniel Stern is a funny man. He is very expressive and has a lot of physical humor. Making him the lead role might work if there is good enough support around him, but this movie offers nothing else. It forces Stern to overcompensate, as he lays it on too thick. This is a movie for kids; nevertheless, it does not have much going for it. The kids in the scout troop are simply so dumb and gullible they are frustrating. Worse, yet, they are not funny. Eventually, the kids wise up to their imposter scoutmaster, but it does not get any better from there. It is one preposterous gag after another. The tone is right, but it is too dumb even for younger audiences. As a 10-year-old, I found myself amused by Stern, but it was not particularly special even then. It offers less as an adult and is completely forgettable.

Michael M (mx) wrote: It's a fun movie to watch when there's nothing on at night.

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Private U (br) wrote: Also a 5 Kleenex film!

Joshua B (ag) wrote: I actually really enjoyed this movie. Mystery and action sci-fi movie with solid acting and special effects.

Steph S (br) wrote: So a slasher film where the teenagers look like 30 year olds, the acting is so bad that children with special needs acting looks better then any A list celebrities, every scene someone dies and you don't even see their deaths as it flicks light and the killer is regonised in the first scene.Watch it if it is free if not don't bother and get another scene.

Vicente G (it) wrote: I'm getting to old for this sh*t.