The Hero of Color City

The Hero of Color City

An imaginative tale chronicling the adventures of a diverse band of crayons as they strive to protect not only their magical multihued homeland but the imagination of children everywhere from a terrifying monster.

Each night, Crayons has a chance to enter the mysterious Crayon Box that transports them to Color City where they could never have imagined. An accident occurs which makes Yellow and her friend Crayon must find the way to save the day and bring back the color. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh B (us) wrote: kept hearing about this film on twitter and finally sat down and watched it. Great indie horror flick. Better make part 2.

Leo K (es) wrote: I personally thought this was a decent flick, although it was clearly over-dramatized at times. The script and plot wasn't overly amazing, although the scenery was impressive.The acting from Kilmer was decent, but 50 cent is hard to understand at times with his lisp-like speech.For the most part, I enjoyed this, up until the abrupt ending.Finally, the poster seems strange, I do not recall 50 cent ever wearing a white jacket. Perhaps the director took an 80's style of direction with this flick.

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Ilaria B (nl) wrote: Although it was a bit late and I couldn't follow the complicated thread of the plot, made even more difficult to grasp by the fast and continuous dropping of names of characters you barely see, I loved every minute of this piece of theatrical play turned into a thrilling movie. Greeneway, you're one of the best.

Mark R (ru) wrote: Bleak, disjointed, a little too long, and ultimately futile. Much like life.

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.

Joseph M (it) wrote: IIt was good. We watched it in school

Blake P (nl) wrote: A small tropical town is rocked when a revolution from miners breaks out, forcing the army to come and speculate. The supposed leader of the pack (Vanel) is soon recognized by the troops, as well as an adventurer (Marchal), and the commander decides to kill four people for every day the two don't show up. Instead of doing the right thing, they venture out into the jungle, along with earthy prostitute Djin (Signoret), a priest (Piccoli), and the leader's beautiful deaf-mute daughter (Girardon). During the journey, the group all strips down their past identities and instead fight for survival. "La mort en ce jardin" was legendary Spanish director's Luis Buuel's first movie in color, and one his first and possibly only movie that appeals to all audiences. Considering he's known for more artsy, symbol-filled films, I really felt mixed results with the film. Filmed during Buuel's middle period (where he still wasn't known as a master, that wouldn't be until "Viridiana"), it's obvious to me that he was really to get started in more powerful films, yet to come in the '60's. But because the movie is more action-packed and crowd-pleasing than any of his other films, and it takes a similar narrative to many of action/adventure movies of the same time. Considering most of his films are such a unique experience, I think I was mostly disappointed in this just because I feel like this was even comparable to the likes of his later works. On the bright side, we get nice looking Eastmancolor photography (one of the most popular solutions to Technicolor in the '50's), an excellent performance by the smoldering Simone Signoret (who never seemed to be able to smile on camera), and beautiful shots of South America. "La mort en ce jardin" is a good movie, but is definitely not as groundbreaking as the director's other works, making it a forgettable experience.

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