The Hidden Face

The Hidden Face

A Spanish orchestra conductor deals with the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend.

A Spanish orchestra conductor deals with the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew S (fr) wrote: Close to perfect for what it aspires to be. Historically accurate, hallucinatory, surreal, darkly comical and actually quite horrifying. This is Wheatley and his cinematographer, Laurie Rose, best work yet. Brilliant.

Kevin L (jp) wrote: Another great performance from Luke Goss for what would of been a b-movie turkey, not that the other actors were bad, but if he wasn't cast, then this would be just another "The Last Stand". Keep with it until the very end "Serious and direct to the point!", and let his acting unravel the story over 90 minutes of old school coolness! It has a few plot-holes, so do many other worse off films just like it, but Goss's dedication and guts shows so much into the character on screen as many other of his films do, then you can't go far wrong for a movie winner!

Orlok W (it) wrote: Great debut feature from an up and coming director--Quirky fun!!

Christophe C (it) wrote: Un film feignant, qui perd tout le capital sympathie du premier volet, rempli de rles d'un clich (C) navrant, compos (C) d'un scipt au rabais et d'une shakycam aussi inutile qu'illisible. Reste bien un ou deux petits trucs, mais quand mme...

Michael T (us) wrote: Important but slow-moving.

Ashley S (gb) wrote: dont want to see this movie at all!!!

Minor J (us) wrote: Es una Muy muy buena pelcula de temtica de ambiente... no puedo decir que es excelente porque hay que sumar otros recursos y actuaciones, pero supera por mucho la oferta de este tipo de pelculas hasta la fecha. Realmente la disfrut (C) mucho y por eso le doy la mxima calificacin, por mi disfrute

Alison O (kr) wrote: At an hour and 18 minutes long this pleasingly verbose coming-of-age tale doesn't outstay its welcome. A stellar cast impresses from beginning to end. Promising.

Jacky L (de) wrote: i've only caught snippets of this movie many years ago, and what i saw has never compelled me to catch it in its entirety. it looked try hard (the narrative) and painful. fast forward to perhaps more than a decade later, decided i'd 'get it over and done with' and watch it. and? the movie was indeed too long for its own good. but MOE should show this in schools. not cos it's a good/well-done movie, but i'm pretty sure quite a handful of teens would identify with it. i suspect the book could be better cos this adaption was quite clumsy. watching this was a lil like time traveling back to the oh-so-long-ago.

Daniel P (ca) wrote: Urgh, this was appalling. One of those "look at me, I'm so trendy" early 90s films that flirted with bisexuality and/or a girl-guy-girl love triangle; the desperation here is palpable and the writing, acting and direction are all sub-sub-par. I sat though this when - for some reason I hope never to explain - I had a fixation for William Baldwin films. I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Alec B (kr) wrote: As it's Fosse's first serious attempt at a movie, some things are a little sloppy but for the most part it's enjoyably weird. Most of the musical numbers are exceptionally staged (Especially "Rhythm of Life" and "Hey Big Spender") and it's good that they got to keep the bitter sweet ending of the stage show.

Asya R (mx) wrote: Stop animation has come a long way.

Melissa H (jp) wrote: one way to learn about Lend Lease :). Funny and way out there !!!

Nic M (br) wrote: Loved the movie and I can't wait to get it on dvd when it does

Philip J (it) wrote: Though slightly dated, it's an entertaining, at times even moving crime thriller about the crack cocaine epidemic which ravaged a once proud city, and the efforts of NYPD's finest to clean up the streets.

Kevin R (br) wrote: Hey you bastards, I'm still here!Two men are locked up in a unique prison on a deserted island. They try to plan their escape but one of the men is consistently in solitary confinement. The other man has the money to buy their release, but it's hard to work well together. The man in solitary confinement gets desperate and eventually they make an elaborate escape effort."Your friend is kind of quiet, isn't he?""He's dead."Franklin Schaffner, director of Patton, Planet of the Apes, Lionheart, The Stripper, The Good Years, The War Lord, Islands in the Stream, and Welcome Home, delivers Papillion. The storyline for this picture is well paced and contains excellent characters. It does run a bit long but the acting is very good. The cast includes Steve McQueen, Dustin Hoffman, Victor Jory, Don Gordon, and Val Avery."How do you fail an examination like this?"I came across this on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and had to watch it. I am a huge McQueen fan and this was a unique character for him. It was good, and he was great, but the overall film could have been better and shorter. I recommend seeing this once but wouldn't add it to my collection."You owe me nothing."Grade: B+/A-