The Hidden Fortress

The Hidden Fortress

Lured by gold, two greedy peasants escort a man and woman across enemy lines. However, they do not realize that their companions are actually a princess and her general.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1958
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:greed,   sword,   1500s,  

Lured by gold, two greedy peasants escort a man and woman across enemy lines. However, they do not realize that their companions are actually a princess and her general. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Xavier G (au) wrote: The movie is shot in an indy style I like, but the plot is nonsense and boring. And, yes, Kat Dennings is pretty, but we already knew that. Skippable.

Mitchell V (nl) wrote: An instant classic that will go down as one f the greatest sports movies of all time!

Rachel H (br) wrote: Hey people, if you watch this, you can see my home town area!! the Madison of the movie IS the Madison, Indiana, that I grew up in! It was filmed there, and there was a premiere and evrything! the most excitement the town has seen in years, haha!!

Scott A (ru) wrote: A pretty good flick about the pains of getting into college. While I myself waited a few years after High School and it was a mellow process, I do remember people I knew the few years before stressing over what colleges they could get into.Now, some of the stuff is a tad too cheesy: mostly admitting animals into college as jokes. I doubt people do this. Or the lead guy only going to college as a way for his crush to fall for him, as that seems highly implausible.But the cast is what sells this movie, as many of my favorite character actors show up in this, as well as favorites from other movies from that time.You've got Richard Jenkins and Diane Franklin as Corey Parker's parents, and Parker himself was a favorite part of mine in Friday The 13th 5. Philip Baker Hall as the Dean, Laura Flynn Boyle as the crush, Brian Doyle-Murray, Rhonda from Tremors, Gilbert AND Booger from the Nerds films. And a few of my fav 80's scream queens: Patrick's Sister from Monster Squad, Teresa from Cheerleader Camp and that Waterbed girl from Elm Street 4.Not to mention Bathroom Guy and Eakian from Summer School.I actually thought the story of the minority McDonalds worker was a nice touch too...feel good part of the film.And the soundtrack was great too.

Ola G (fr) wrote: In the Rocky Mountains on the Colorado ranch of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (Bill Murray), is furiously trying to finish a story about his former attorney and friend, Carl Lazlo (Peter Boyle), Esq. Thompson then flashes back to a series of exploits involving the author and his attorney. In 1968, Lazlo is fighting to stop a group of San Francisco youngsters from receiving harsh prison sentences for possession of marijuana. He convinces Thompson to write an article about it for Blast Magazine. Thompson's editor, Marty Lewis (Bruno Kirby), reminds Thompson that he has 19 hours to deadline. The judge hands out stiff sentences to everyone, and the last client is a young man who was caught with a pound of marijuana and receives a five-year sentence. Lazlo reacts by attacking the prosecuting attorney and is then jailed for contempt of court. The magazine story about the trial is a sensation, but Thompson does not hear from Lazlo until four years later, when Thompson is on assignment covering Super Bowl VI in Los Angeles. Lazlo appears at Thompson's hotel and convinces him to abandon the Super Bowl story and join his band of freedom fighters, which involves smuggling weapons to an unnamed Latin American country. Thompson goes along with Lazlo and the revolutionaries to a remote airstrip where a small airplane is to be loaded with weapons, but when a police helicopter finds them, Lazlo and his henchmen escape on the plane while Thompson refuses to follow. Thompson's fame and fortune continues. He is a hit on the college lecture circuit and covers the 1972 presidential election campaign. Yet another story connected with mayhem and chaos..."Where the Buffalo Roam" is a semi-biographical film which loosely depicts Hunter S. Thompson's rise to fame in the 1970s and his relationship with Chicano attorney and activist Oscar Zeta Acosta. Thompson's obituary for Acosta, "The Banshee Screams for Buffalo Meat," which appeared in Rolling Stone in October 1977, serves as the basis of the film, although screenplay writer John Kaye drew from several other works, including Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72, The Great Shark Hunt, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Thompson served as "executive consultant" on the film. Thompson spent time on the set and talked to Murray about his impressions and observations of the latter's mannerisms. Within two weeks of Thompson being on set, Murray had transformed into him. During production, Murray and Thompson engaged in a series of dangerous one-upmanship contests. "One day at Thompson's Aspen, Colorado, home, after many drinks and after much arguing over who could out-Houdini whom, Thompson tied Billy to a chair and threw him into the swimming pool. Billy nearly drowned before Thompson pulled him out." Murray immersed himself in the character so deeply that when Saturday Night Live started its fifth season, Murray was still in character as Thompson. "In a classic case of the role overtaking the actor, Billy returned that fall to Saturday Night so immersed in playing Hunter Thompson he had virtually become Hunter Thompson, complete with long black cigarette holder, dark glasses, and nasty habits. 'Billy,' said one of the writers, echoing several others, 'was not Bill Murray, he was Hunter Thompson. You couldn't talk to him without talking to Hunter Thompson.'" Murray and Thompson were concerned with the film's lack of continuity and in early 1980 added voice-over narration. When the film was sneak-previewed in late March, the last two scenes and narration were absent. Murray was outraged and the studio ended up shooting a new ending. Three days before it was to be released in theaters a press screening was suddenly canceled because of editing problems. Universal Studios quickly pulled it from distribution. Thompson hated the film, saying he liked Murray's performance but that he "was very disappointed in the script. It sucks - a bad, dumb, low-level, low-rent script." Years later, Murray reflected on the film, "I rented a house in L.A. with a guest house that Hunter lived in. I'd work all day and stay up all night with him; I was strong in those days. I took on another persona and that was tough to shake. I still have Hunter in me". The movie has been panned critically for being a series of bizarre episodes strung together rather than having a cohesive central plot, and I do agree with that criticism. Movie historian Leonard Maltin remarked that "Even Neil Young's music score can't save this dreadful comedy, which will baffle those who aren't familiar with Hunter S. Thompson's work and insult those who are. Jack Kroll wrote, in his review for Newsweek magazine, "Screenwriter John Kaye has reduced Thompson's career to a rubble of disjointed episodes, and the relentless mayhem becomes tiresome chaos rather than liberating comic anarchy." In his review for the Globe and Mail, Paul McGrath wrote, "Murray is, nonetheless, the salvation of this patched-together film", and felt that "the rest is mostly filler. Theres not doubt that if the script had been a hell of lot more cohesive this would had been much better. But, it is still a treat to watch Bill Murray as he does a great impersonation of Hunter S. Thompson and every scene with Murray in focus is a highlight. I love the football game in the hotelroom...

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Pablo I (es) wrote: beatiful movie with marcello Mqastrianni, the world he sees as aretiree who refuses to acknoledge anything ugly that happnes to his children as he visists them through modern italy.