The Hidden Half

The Hidden Half

An official is sent from his home in Tehran to hear the final appeal of a woman sentenced to death, a political prisoner. The official's wife of nearly 20 years, Fereshteh Samimi, writes him a letter to read when he reaches the hotel - the story of her student days during the revolution of 1978. We see the story in flashbacks as he reads: she leaves her province on scholarship, joins a Communist youth group, avoids arrest, and comes under the sway of a suave older man, Roozbeh Javid, a literary-magazine editor. As she tells her husband about the hidden half of her life, Fereshteh asks that he listen to the woman facing execution, a woman and therefore one of Iran's hidden half.

An official is sent from his home in Tehran to hear the final appeal of a woman sentenced to death, a political prisoner. The official's wife of nearly 20 years, Fereshteh Samimi, writes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard J (br) wrote: I watched this with disgust. I can't believe the lure of the almighty dollar is so strong, a government is willing to pretty much destroy a province and poison a large number of its constituents. Of course, the oil sands have laid un-molested for years because the oil price has been too low to make it economically viable. For shame on the rest of the world for raising the price enough to make this modern natural disaster economically viable.

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