The Hidden Room

The Hidden Room

Clive Riordan plans a devilish revenge against his wife's lover. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (fr) wrote: What a load of hipster crap! I love Emily Browning, but even this was a poor choice for her talent. I found this to be very boring and very pointless. I am surprised I made it all the way through!

Andrew E (au) wrote: Pretty good movie for 42%

Javier S (kr) wrote: Es supuestamente una pelicula ecologica con un buen mensaje pero es tan mala que si pasas de segundo de kinder

Tom B (gb) wrote: This film would have been easily the scariest film I've ever seen if it wasn't for the interviews segments which were extremely unbelievable . That being said this film still provided some scares so it didn't waste my time

sam m (de) wrote: YA... ITS KAANTE

Allegra F (jp) wrote: Um. This movie was very strange. Also, Josh Kornbluth seemed very smug and his attempts at being 'meta' and ironic were pretty lame. It was just a And I laughed, I dunno, once? Once. And the budget must have been pretty low. Either that or this was actually shot in the 90s, as it looks.

Drew H (fr) wrote: Faithfull to the book but who cares, boring in film form and dated social values. Much better Dracula films than this.

Trent A (fr) wrote: Fun movie, good acting and great nostalaga with the sports cars and music of the thirties. Loved it!