The High Crusade

The High Crusade

Medieval crusaders from the 13th century are captured by aliens. However, this can not stop them to conquer the Holy Land.

Roland Emmerich (Stargate, Independence Day, and Godzilla) brings you John Rhys-Davies in a Monty Pythonesque tale of a band of Crusaders who find themselves in possession of an Alien ship ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ashtyn B (us) wrote: I watched it with my family and we didn't bother to finish it. The actors overacted and sounded fake, and the story line along with the script was cheesy and also predictable.

Jeana M (es) wrote: omg, besides Atlantis, this is my favorite thing that Joe has done. ^_^

Dick R (kr) wrote: Fun movie with some sad moments and a surprise ending. Excellent and tasteful nudity.

Josh N (jp) wrote: Mac and me is the sort of movie that's so bad you have to see it. It's overloaded with product placement, plagiarism, and for some reason it has moments of real violence leading to jarring shits in tone. One minute we're watching the story of the cute ripped-off alien, the next there's a kid falling off a cliff or a traffic pile-up. It truly has no soul of its own.

Carla S (jp) wrote: If you have yet to check out this series, TODAY IS THE DAY. Seriously, these are amazing.

Bruce B (de) wrote: A great WWII Submarine War film, showing lots of real footage. Lots of old school actors in this one. James Gardner is on a secret mission on a submarine where he's smuggled into an area of a Japanese island to find a transmitter and a secret code. The subs crew just came from a mission where a jr sailor was killed, moral is low. Great picture quality, a top war movie 4 1/2 stars.

Jack G (gb) wrote: Carpenter does Hitchcock, which is as grisly and absurd and bugged-out as you would hope. Only Hooper kinda falters, though Hammil's acting saves it.

Orlok W (ru) wrote: I don't recall ever feeling as claustrophobic as I did watching this. If you don't mind low-budget and you enjoy sci-fi horror, then this might be Fun and very Claustrophobic chase movie... Need to get my breath back--True indie filmmaking at it's finest... Micro budget. Highly intense. It's a slow burn...!!

Mike S (ru) wrote: Comedian Carl Barron has written and starred in this film, which is his first film. The film follows a popular stand up comedian who has chronic depression. Kudos must be given to Barron for not just simply making a quirky comedy starring himself, playing himself..And depression is well represented here, without over playing it. The film also looks at the invasion of privacy that the public think is acceptable when they see someone who is famous, leading to a very lonely feeling for the person who is famous.However, the problem with the film is that it is quite depressing, as personally, I don't find Barron to be all that funny, which doesn't help elevate the mood in the moments of standup that are placed throughout the film. Whilst Barron's acting is adequate, his very dry drawl and very short sentences don't make for a very dynamic character to carry the 80 minute movie, especially considering the lack of other characters in the film. The few characters who are there, are very under written.Leanna Walsman plays the love interest. We find out very little about her, except that she loves Brazil and she works as a phone sex worker (for which she 'has her reasons' but we never get any explanation of what those reasons are). We have Lewis' father, played by a miscast Roy Billing. Billing is far too pleasant in the role, and his character doesn't fit the abusive back story he is given. We also have Manny's friend and manager, whom we get very little story for, and who is either partying hard and being silly, or trying to be a father figure to Manny or to his son.The only other real character is a dog that Manny visits from time to time. Manny connects with the dog, who has an abusive owner, however, this plot goes nowhere, and including the very sad looking dog only managed to depress me further.The musical score is very absent, failing to add any feeling of movement that the film needed to help keep it moving forward. Whilst it has it's good points, the film fails to deliver either an entertaining story, nor a deep character study.