The Hills Run Red

The Hills Run Red

After the Civil War ends, two soldiers return home with a cache of stolen money. They are caught by Union troops. One escapes, but the other is sent to prison for five years. When he gets out and goes home, he finds that his wife has died in poverty because his partner kept all the money, and is now a major power in the area with an army of deadly gunmen to back him up.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   murder,   battle,  

After the Civil War ends, two soldiers return home with a cache of stolen money. They are caught by Union troops. One escapes, but the other is sent to prison for five years. When he gets ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christine W (jp) wrote: Slow moving, trying to push an agenda. Never really looks into the reasons why these prisoners were really put there, just how inhumane it is to imprison them. The viewer is hit over the head with this agenda about 1/2 way through to the point where it becomes unviewable. I like Kristen Stewart as an actress but this was not my favorite movie of hers.

Pete H (ca) wrote: A fantastic movie focusing on addiction, family, and why we sometimes hate them both.

Carys E (de) wrote: Ridiculous. Logic non-existent, random shots of naked pole dancers in between scenes... what WAS this?! And more importantly, what was George Takei doing in it??!!??

Chris G (mx) wrote: A rare organized crime film that doesn't center around Italian Americans, featuring a intense, strong performance from Denzel Washington.

Jeffery H (ag) wrote: A depressing downward spiral of a picture with a vaguely hopeful ending, and a supernova of a bright spot in the form of Judah Friedlander. David Schwimmer is insanely good, in this, the first dramatic role I've ever seen him in, and it's interesting to note that this was written and directed by Matt Mulhern who some might remember as the dreamy lieutenant on "Major Dad".

Alex A (kr) wrote: Even funnier than I remembered. There's so many aspects that add to the comedy and humor here: be it the soundtrack, characters, performances or highly quotable dialogue, Napoleon Dynamite is exceptional at low-key, deadpan humor.

Andriy Y (jp) wrote: It's actually quite funny and very enjoyable in my opinion

TinaLouise S (ag) wrote: Worth watching with loads of laughs. Not at all sentimental, and really original with unusual events and scenes. Based on episodes of the filmmaker's life, working with his family as members of the cast and his grandmother as the protagonist, they have all done a commendable job! There's a fondness for foot shots, but those help you realise that all the Nazis probably went to Argentina after WWII because everyone (almost everyone) is in socks and sandals.There's landscape,s red earth and even ... erm, I won't spoil the film for you.

Kevin O (br) wrote: Fun, campy movie! I really enjoyed it, every movie does have to be Oscar material!

Anthony K (es) wrote: ive neva seen this movie newhere..some1 no where i could find it?

Hugo S (us) wrote: LIGHTNING OVER WATER (1980) directed by Wim Wenders & Nicolas RayThis can be called a documentary or docu-fiction, its hard to tell cause its obvious most of what we see is staged, yet, it feels genuine and non-scripted.Director Wim Wenders fly from Germany to meet with Nicholas Ray, the man behind such classics as Johnny Guitar, Rebel Without a Cause starring James Dean and Bigger Than Life in the mid-1950's. Here, in the late 70's, he is dying of cancer. He and Wim Wenders want to make a film together, they dont have a story, all they know is that they want to make a film, for Nick its more for his self-esteem and leaving a legacy, one last piece of work behind.The film begins with a narration by Wenders, he comes in Nicholas Ray's appartment, who is sleeping, Wemders decides to take a nap on a couch and later when they wake up, we see a man cross the screen with what seems to be a 16mm camera or something but ti doesnt matter, its held by Tim Ray, we see what he sees in the lense and it becomes some sort of making of of the film we are watching before getting back to the regular images.Lightning Over Water also known as Nick's Movie is about an artist. Its a great reflection about friendship, illness, death and the medium that cinema is. Its touching and it might be inspiring to some, but one thing is sure, its not entertaining and its definately not for everyone, most would find it boring.

Amy M (de) wrote: freaking UK amazon....pfff. Doesn't have it.

Archer F (it) wrote: So Much Gayness, I Will Never Listen To JB Sh!t. And Yes, I Said Never!

Andrij D (fr) wrote: Actually a pretty poor film, it is an obsession of mine and others.