The Hillz

The Hillz

A promising college athlete takes a turn for the worse when he hooks up with old highschool friends during his summer break.

A promising college athlete takes a turn for the worse when he hooks up with old highschool friends during his summer break. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Javier C (nl) wrote: Love it and hate it, really nice movie

Luke R (nl) wrote: One for the basketball fans obviously. Not bad at all actually, but I wouldn't recommend this for non-basketball fans.

Kevin M W (au) wrote: Don't expect things to make sense anywhere in this waste-of-time. Only watch if you waiting for the glue on your model airplane to dry.

Richard G (ag) wrote: How did I miss this B-Movie masterpiece from Mike Judge, the creator of Beavis & Butthead?! Great satire on the current state of America's corn-syrup-fed masses.

Brian K (kr) wrote: While the movie suffers from going a little longer than it should, the story is so strong that the fully engaged would hardly notice.

Bryn T (nl) wrote: Where can one see this short film?

Samantha K (ru) wrote: One of my all-time favorite movies. I"m not at all sure why.

peter h (br) wrote: Mill Creek's 50 Movie Pack: Chilling Classics Reviews Able Ferra's THE DRILLER KILLER [1976]: By far one the most Infamous and most controversial directorial debuts in history. Acclaimed Director Abel Ferra, the man behind such films as KING OF NEW YORK [1990] & BAD LIEUTENANT [1992] debut did not immediately attract controversy in 1976 during its theatrical release , however upon its realise on to Home Media in the early 1980's in the United Kingdom it was to become centre of the "Video Nasty" scare. Which during the "Video Nasty" scare films of an extreme sexual & graphic violent nature where outlawed from the shore of the UK. Notorious Exploitation, Horror, & Pornographic films like the ground breaking Blood FEAST [1963], Wes Craven's LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT [1972], CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST [1980], & I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE [1980] all became subject to the Ban. As for Ferra's Debut, THE DRILLER KILLER was banned on the grounds of a graphic VHS cover, the title, and its depiction of "gore". It is thanks to the films ban & the fact its Ferra's debut; THE DRILLER KILLER has since become a cult classic. Just because something is a cult film isn't a guarantee it's always going to be a good, and a cult movie hound I love it when a film with a small following has gained it due to its degrees of inept filmmaking. With this film as much as I like this film for its utter stupidity with a flash of underlying artistry, THE DRILLER KILLER is hardly a work of cinematic art. PLOT: Set in N.Y.C amongst the Punk Rock scene, a young artist called Reno (Ferra) is struggling to make a living in the big apple. With his Girlfriend, their three-way companion (hey it's the mid 1970's after all), working on his magnum opus, dealing with his cold hearted art dealer, & having a Punk band constantly rehearsing in the apartment above them, Reno slowly starts to slip into a state of insanity. Which thanks to a Power Drill and a portable battery pack, Reno unleashes his decaying mental state on the streets on NYC. THOUGHTS: amongst the constant shots of Punks well being Punk, Intercuts of the grimy streets of NYC, The punk band playing their one song over and over again, life in Reno's apartment, and as the title suggest: drilling killings. THE DRILLER KILLER is an achievement in the weird and tacky documentation of the short lived punk culture. Ferra's acting & direction range from mildly decent to the near inept, as for the others well the term "decent' can be used one more time I think. Despite trying to depict the decaying urban environment slowly eroding away the mental stability of the main character in the conventions of the Horror genre; to put it quite simply other films have achieved and pulled of this particular scenario with much greater success. While not where near on the same level of greatness as a classic psychological horror film (I.E Polanski's REPULSION [1965]), this is a spectacular debut for all the wrong reasons. As a result it's only worthy of a 50% rating from me.

A L (es) wrote: A sluggish, unfocused film, Rio Grande has the aura of a routine Western, even if its cast and crew attempt to make it some otherwise.

David L (it) wrote: Sparrows has a decidedly weak characterization of the kids, but the plot is interesting, the film has a lot of heart, the acting as well as the directing are pretty good, the suspenseful sequences are so well executed and the movie is so well filmed with the swamp being gorgeous to look at.

Jen G (de) wrote: Good movie, RIP Heath.

Julie M (nl) wrote: A lot of fun at the movies.

Steven C (jp) wrote: What I would consider Alan Rickman's final film, Eye in the Sky is a smart political thriller about the decision-making process and the emotional and legal hurdles of the declassified drone program to prevent further acts of terror. Starring Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul, and Alan Rickman. Available on Amazon Prime ATM. Grade: A