The Hitman

The Hitman

After surviving an attempt on his life by his former partner, officer Cliff Garrett (Norris) exacts revenge on those who wronged him by going undercover as a hit man. He works to gain the reputation and trust needed in order to be accepted by the burgeoning Seattle-area criminal underworld, but it is all done in order to take it down from within.

After surviving an attempt on his life by his former partner, officer Cliff Garrett (Norris) exacts revenge on those who wronged him by going undercover as a hit man. He works to gain the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert R (ag) wrote: This latest adaptation of a beloved trinket of yesteryear comes in the form of a mixed bag. For every imaginative musical set piece featuring great animation for all ages to savor, you get a poop joke. For every likable original song, there's a half-baked cover of a classic that just seems shoehorned into the narrative for the sake of a potential audience sing-along. For every few novel narrative devices, there's about a handful of other conveniences that comprise the plot. Don't get me wrong - this is not a wholly bad film at all. In fact, it's much better than any film based on a toy should be. I just wish the filmmakers in question would have tried a bit harder, and employed less tropey and cliched stylistics and thematics in executing this film.

Felix N (jp) wrote: This is a good movie. This movie did a good job to slap moral high grounder :)

Bobby E (jp) wrote: just watched this last night on Netflix. Good freaking movie.

Michelle S (nl) wrote: This was a pretty entertaining, adorable and at times dark family movie. Great story and very original. Wish kids were more obsessed with boxtrolls and less obsessed with minions.

Fabien R (it) wrote: Un bon docu sur Haiti en 2004.. qui laisse penser qu Haiti est foutu. Avec des chefs pareils, c est pas demain que le pays sortira de la misere.

Jacob B (ag) wrote: Ratatouille. Brad Bird's love letter to France and the delicacies they have there. Ratatouille is a pretty great movie to be honest. Patton Oswalt is perfect for the role of Remy especially seeing how Remy's more famous than him nowadays (I did like his Netlix stand-up comedy Talking for Clapping though). The animation, like any Pixar film, is great. The film offers a more lighthearted outing from Bird in case parents think The Incredibles would've been a bit too nuts for their children. However, the thing I liked the most is the presence of the mouth-watering dishes in the film including a variation of the titular dish in the final act. A Pixar film that's funny as well as boasting an unlikely hero that teaches kids "anyone can cook" regardless of whether they're human or not (shame it's just a cartoon and animals probably can't do so due to their lack of thumbs, ah well).

MadiB (de) wrote: i love it its rawther amazzing haha

Tim J (us) wrote: Not awful, but I wanted to like this film about aimless young things in modern China more than I actually did.

Tobias L (it) wrote: Pointless crap featuring 2 little punk kids as the "heros", the ending stinks of pretenciousness.

Matthew A (es) wrote: At first I doubted that I'll enjoy this movie very much, but as it went on the movie kept on getting better and better. It's about an evil spirit trapped in a prison after his execution that wanted revenge. I loved the elements of horror in this and the deaths very quite constructive too. Barbed wire one was my favourite. Overall a pretty intense horror flick with a variety of characters and lots of deaths. Though I was quite confused about the connection between Viggo Mortensen's character to the evil spirit.

jay n (gb) wrote: Pleasant mix of spy caper and comedy stars a much more relaxed Jeanette MacDonald than was usually the case during her MGM years. Perhaps it was the freedom of not having Nelson Eddy bellowing in her face but she's loose and charming and has a fine chemistry with both Robert Young and Ethel Waters her two major scene partners. Jeanette and Ethel's differing singing styles offer a nice variety to the entertainment although why Ethel is Jeanette's maid and still has to sing in the big show is never explained. It doesn't really matter and her musical numbers are highly entertaining. There's also a funny bit where Jeanette sends up one of her biggest hits, San Francisco. One quibble: a good deal of the picture is very dark, hard to tell if it's intentional or the age of the film. Not a great film but an little known enjoyable gem.

Panos Y (au) wrote: A simplistic story, in many points comedic. The plot feels loose and childish a bit. Not that big of a hit.

Scott W (ca) wrote: Bad thriller but at least it isn't filled with PG levels of violence.

Mariha L (ru) wrote: At times it reads a little like a poor reenactment and at times fails to portray the complexity that was McCandless. However, Holbrook's performance is a hidden gem and tonally, as a whole, the film comes hits similar notes to Krauker's essay. Once you get past the awkward extended close ups on Stewart and Hirsch. Hal Holbrook

Cameron J (es) wrote: Sports films are boring and if "Chariots of Fire" taught us anything, that rule applies even to films where we get a close view of people running. Wow, when you say it, that actually does sound boring, but not in your head and, well, not here. Man, Jared Leto and his charisma cracked the code and made an entertaining sports film. Of course, what can you expect from a rocker? Oh wait, he's contemporary. Sorry Jared, but no matter how much you yell about kings and queens, if you're not playing Freddie Mercury, I'm not interested, but mostly because you've got to get back into films, because no matter what Edward Norton says, that beautiful thing of yours called acting is far from destroyed... I said only having just seen film he did almost "fifteen" ago. Still, when his career was first blooming, ... Jared Leto was already in movies no one had heard about, which isn't to say that he wasn't good in them, because he really was, and although he carries this film, he doesn't entirely carry it away from its flaws. As I said earlier, the film isn't particularly boring, like most sports films, but I never said that it wasn't captivating. It's not that the subject isn't fascinating, which it is, but the themes they use in the film, while rather inventive in the biopic genre, aren't handled very well. The film features segments where they show a montage of interviews with Prefontaine's loved ones. It's not quite like "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind", for instead of incorporating that theme in every now and then, this film overdoes that for a long time, making the film feel so much like a documentary and stripping of it of its intimate tone, leaving to feel hollow and unengaging. However, those segments come and go, but when they do finally go, there's such a dent left by the documentary theme and the transitions between the themes are barely palpable, making it hard to get back into the film. Still, getting back into the film would be a much more demanding task were it not for, of course... the great soundtrack. Oh yeah, and let's not forget the acting. Ed O'Neill and R. Lee Ermey are playing... well, Ed O'Neill and R. Lee Ermey. Still, the two are as charismatic as a coach can get and they work wonders off of Jared Leto, establishing a chemistry that's not terribly explored, yet strong enough for you to enjoy their time together. Still, no matter what, if it's a scene with Jared Leto, it's enjoyable. Okay, now, as much as I've been praising him, he's not terribly stellar, but only because he's not written to be. Still, what he is given to do he milk's for all it's worth with his charisma, emoting and captivatingly striking authenticity as Steve Prefontaine. Still, he's not simply tranforming into Prefontaine. Prefontaine, himself, went through some changes, and Leto's impressively careful, but effective execution of every layer and characteristic in Prefontaine really does top off his transformation and makes him quite a strong enough lead to carry this film from its beginning to its solid ending. At the end of the race, its messily-handled storytelling techniques put a dent in the engagement value, but with a strong story, carried by an excellent Jared Leto and his chemistry with the charming cast, "Prefontaine" ultimately stands as an entertaining and satisfying study on the rise of the late, great legend of the track. 3/5 - Good