The Hollywood Detective

The Hollywood Detective

An actor at the end of the line who used to play a PI on TV turns to real detective work when a fan of his begs him to help her.

An actor at the end of the line who used to play a PI on TV turns to real detective work when a fan of his begs him to help her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Hollywood Detective torrent reviews

Shayan A (nl) wrote: Amazing & Funny movie :)

Nick M (ag) wrote: Can I give this 0? I hated this flick, the Special Effects were bad, even for a low budget movie (the shotguns in the movie never had to be reloaded or pumped, at least until a dramatic part of the movie) and the acting was pretty bad too. I'm not exactly expecting a masterpiece when I pick up a zombie flick...but I at least want to be entertained.

Richard C (ca) wrote: another tension racked film from dominik'll need time and patience though, worth it.

thomas r (kr) wrote: Great Family Movie worth the watch

Jamie R (ag) wrote: i'm proud that this is the longest movie i have ever seen

Billy J (it) wrote: one of the worst endings in the history of film. Powers Boothe is pretty great, thats the 2 stars

Conasse B (us) wrote: omg its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angela P (de) wrote: I liked it more than I expected to, but it was a little too long and easily could have been shortened up a little bit.

Patryk C (de) wrote: An entertaining and well-written western that is also capable of delivering a credible amount of twists in its storyline. Randolph Scott plays an ex-sherrif out for revenge on the 7 men who killed his wife during a Wells Fargo office robbery. Wondering around sun-burned prairies he encounters a couple-in-need and later on decides to ride with them to the city of Silver Springs, where the whole grievous event took place. While he blames himself for what happened to his beloved wife, Stride's only concern is to find the murderers and shoot them dead at first sight. On the road he meets his old-time rivals Master and Clete, who join their group as well. The atmosphere intensifies as the men start to struggle, Annie Greer shows her true emotions, and the Wells Fargo robbers plan a deadly surprise for Stride. Watching Seven Men from Now proves to be a truly thrilling western experience, and a splendid character-driven showcase lead by Randolph Scott and Lee Marvin.

Soheil W (br) wrote: So many stars in a movie but still terrible. How cruel!

Jesse L (us) wrote: Endearingly stupid in all the right ways.

Daniel M (us) wrote: It is alright. Your average action movie. Nothing above or below that.