The Holy Man

The Holy Man

A wandering baba initiates a widower layer and his youngest daughter, irritating her boyfriend Satya and the ever-skeptical Nibaran.

A devout Hindu family falls victim to a charlatan posing as a holy man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ennis Brokeback L (es) wrote: Uwe Boll makes a vampire movie.

Tabatha D (us) wrote: One word I LOVE JACKIE CHAN MOVIES!!!!!!!!!! HE'S SUCH A GREAT ACTOR TOO!

Eric R (fr) wrote: Slumber Party Massacre was a success at the box office so what does any successful slasher deserve? A sequel of course! If it's successful enough a franchise might even bloom, which Slumber Party Massacre did. I remember seeing the trailer to this sequel thinking they really took the concept over-the-top. Sure the original had some black humor but a guy who looks like Andrew Dice Clay using a guitar with a drill on the end? It's like an 80's nightmare with hair metal, slashers and shitty comedians all rolled into one!Apparently the young annoying bitchy girl from the original that survived has grown up into a innocent virginally teenager in the form of Crystal Bernard. The events of the first film really affected her and she seems to be having deranged dreams of a killer holding a guitar fixed with a giant drill bit on the end. Yeah, I would say she has problems! She's in a band that plays annoying 80's pop rock and her and her band decide to take a vacation at one of their parents summer homes. While there her odd visions start becoming reality as our guitar killer finally, after a long wait, comes into the "real" world and starts killing off our band members one by one.This is really bizarre, goofy sequel and it makes me wonder what the writers and directors were smoking. Our Courtney Bates character not only has visions of a guitar driller killer, but also bizarre visions of bloody hands in sandwiches and even giant monstrous zits (yes, that sequence takes the cake of the biggest WTF moment).Sadly I didn't find this sequel half as fun or over-the-top the trailer made it out to be. The pace is slow moving even for a film that only clocks in at 77 minutes. It just takes too long for our outrageous killer to make an appearance. I also had a hard time believing Crystal Bernard was playing the same character as that bitchy little girl in the original. They seem like two totally different characters! Fans also looking for female flesh will also find this film really lacking in the department, especially compared to the original.For a trashy slasher, sequel this has its moments but overall it's pretty bad. I have to admit it is interesting to see an Andrew Dice Clay inspired killer with a guitar drill on screen (I really wish I knew where that guitar prop is as I would love to have it!). The film is worth a view or two for fans of this trashy type of horror movies.

Alonso A (ca) wrote: Varda explores juvenile revolt and nihilistic behaviour through the bleakest road narrative imaginable. Even if kind of formally conventional, the use of ancillary characters as givers of perspective not only is a fresh narrative devise, but also works as to exalt the desolation and misunderstanding of the protagonist. Hard journey to take, but one that is worth it.

Vincent T (ag) wrote: Un des films les plus space que j'ai vu. Lucas avait du fumer de la moquette ou je ne sais quoi. Pas compris son trip mais alors pas du tout.

Ian T (jp) wrote: Those cats were not groovy man.

Cecilie B (fr) wrote: My first encounter with Rudolph Valentino - the name I've heard of for as long as I can remember but never watched a film with. It's clear to see his magnetic, sensual screen presence, and 'Blood And Sand' is an entertaining movie with a clear message about bull fighting which matches my own opinion 100%! A good albeit not brilliant movie, and I can't wait to dive deeper into the career of Mr. Latin Lover himself.

Kevin R (es) wrote: You live with your parents?Tripp suffered an unfortunate event that has scared him and led him to become a slacker. Now he is a man in his mid 30s that lives with his parents, has no steady girlfriend, and hangs out with his friends from the neighborhood that are pretty much just like him. His parents hire a psychologist to be his girlfriend and hopefully convince him to move out. When the two fall in love, their plan backfires."I didn't know they serve beer here.""They don't."Tom Dey, director of Shanghai Noon, Showtime, and Marmaduke, delivers Failure to Launch. The storyline for this picture has some unique components but is fairly predictable and straightforward. The comedic content is just okay but the acting is very solid. The cast includes Matthew McConaughey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bradley Cooper, Terry Bradshaw, Rob Corddry, Kathy Bates, and Zooey Deschanel."We were good parents, now we are supposed to be done."I grabbed this flick off Netflix because it starred Matthew McConaughey. I will say this was a fairly straightforward romantic comedy that wasn't as unique as I may have hoped for. The acting was good, and there were some funny scenes, but this definitely could have been better."I am fairly ambidextrous."Grade: C

Corey M (kr) wrote: A keep-the-kids-distracted flick that relies too much on potty humor and innuendo.

jordyn e (jp) wrote: This is a fantastic movie plenty of thrills and very catching to action lovers

Antony G (us) wrote: I actually enjoyed this movie. It may be formulaic but it does introduce some new ideas into a tired genre. A throw back to the days when you didn't really see the aliens with brief glimpses & making them invisible to the human eye at least makes it interesting. Another refreshing thing was it wasn't set in the USA. Aliens seem only to have an atlas containing the continent of North America but recently we've had two movies where the alien invasion happens elsewhere on this planet of ours.

Antony G (au) wrote: This is just a God awful film. Too long & too tedious. I felt like I had been there with them for every single day of those five horrible long years. That's all I can say about this movie except it was a total waste of talent involved in this film.

Patrick B (de) wrote: Heavy on the heart in a very special way.

Harry W (it) wrote: Said to be a 1980's high school version of the Western classic High Noon, Three O'Clock High sounded like a fun twist on genres.The intro scene of Three O'Clock High essentially dictates how the entire film will end up playing out. It all happens in the style of a stereotypical 1980's problem solving montage against the backdrop of a nostalgic soundtrack, and this ends up happening consistently over the course of the film. Considering that the film takes a style over substance approach, its rather good that Phil Joanou found a distinctive style to settle on.The story itself is a very simple one. In keeping with its 80's roots, Three O'Clock High is full of thin character archetypes and simplistic plot dynamics The protagonist is a very geeky character whose natural attitude drags him down with the wrong crowd, and it does't take much for it to happen. The course of the story changes in the matter of once scene where things become suddenly intense from there and the pace speeds up even faster. The story remains simplistic the entire time and is structured to unfold as a series of conventional dynamics all in a quick rush. The success of the film ends up predicated all on how much the viewer takes joy in 1980's movie tropes. For me, I found that the way that Phil Joanou put them to use in Three O'Clock High was very original, if shallow and a quite silly.The tone of the film is interesting. As a film very heavy on its 80's style, there is a genuine charm in the film which is full of nostalgic value and atmosphere. Running at such a fast pace, Three O'Clock High is essentially a fast journey through countless 80's movie tropes with a sense that it is taking them seriously and yet pointing fun at them at the same time, effectively giving the film a comedic mood with a touch of drama. Frankly, the general charming mood of the film and overall style of it all transcends the thin nature of the story and ensures that the experience is a fun one. Even though I got lost in the energy of the film I will admit that it was a little too silly at some moments as well as being predictable at heart, but there is just a genuine sense of 80's charm from this film which comes partially from the fact that the lack of recognition that the film or the cast have makes it an underrated high school comedy cult classic.In terms of genuine film style, Three O'Clock High does a surprisingly good job for a film with such a low budget. The entire film is a convincing one which uses a lot of colourful scenery from its high school setting which it captures with an innovative style of cinematography. Intending on creating an intense atmosphere, the cinematography in Three O'Clock High makes strong use of zoom techniques which give the film the feel of one from the classical era, effectively bringing along the western elements implied by the presence of a story based on High Noon. There are many moments in the film which feature the quick editing of a music video, and this is key in consistently keeping the film quick-moving. And when this combines with the close up cinematography of the film, it effectively packs Three O'Clock High with a lot of stylish imagery. And on top of all that, the thin characters of the film are made into charming tropes by the performances of the cast.Casey Siemaszko proves to be the ideal lead for Three O'Clock High. Casey Siemaszko is the living embodiment of the the stereotypical high school geek. Though he is not a stereotypical nerd, Casey Siemaszko captures a neurotic and overbearing persona which fits the role with ideal energy. He has a restrained persona about him which progressively becomes more charismatic as the story progresses and gets more intense. This effectively gives the film a protagonist who actively develops with the story, and the entire time Casey Siemaszko is able to keep up with all the cliches by matching them with an appropriately stereotypical persona and a genuinely likable charm. His line delivery is subtle at first, but it becomes progressively more involved and brings the audience closer to the character. By keeping his awkward persona active throughout all the plot dynamics, Casey Siemaszko keeps the comedic nature of the film alive. He really ensures that the film surrounds him well by actively keeping up with the energetic pacing with plenty of physical involvement in everything going on around him. Casey Siemaszko proves an effective lead for Three O'Clock High for such a largely unknown actor, and his low proflile status adds to the everyman nature of the part.Buddy Revell is an underdeveloped supporting character. Keeping with the trope nature of the film, Buddy Revell is a stereotypical high school bully. Yet there are times in the film where Three O'Clock High makes a genuine effort to add something more to the character, perhaps to add a sense of genuine drama to the film. Unfortunately, the shallow nature of the film buries the potential beneath a heavily conventional archetype. But considering that the film is full of these in every way imaginable, it can't be considered too much of a problem. And even then, the performance of Richard Tyson is an effective one. His screen time is limited, but the amount of emphasis that the other characters put behind the antagonistic nature of the character is lived up to whenever he's on screen. He essentially establishes a combination of Michael Deluise and a young Harrison Ford, standing with an intimidating stature and delivering his linese with as sense of cleverly articulated anger. The role doesn't demand much from him, but he easily delivers on his promises with an intense line delivery and a genuine threatening demeanour. Richard Tyson is a powerful touch.The presence of Jeffrey Tambor and Phillip Baker Hall is also welcome.So though Three O'Clock High is a shallow film packed with 1980's cliches, it embraces that notion with a fast pace and a lot of comedic energy which gives it a charming nostalgic mood.