The Horseman on the Roof

The Horseman on the Roof

In a time of war and disease, a young officer gallantly tries to help a young woman find her husband.

In a time of war and disease, a young officer gallantly tries to help a young woman find her husband. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James B (mx) wrote: This one was super weird. It was an okay movie but don't watch it thinking you are going to come out of it with some profound new opinion.

Elgan D (mx) wrote: Quite a slow moving and seedy drama, Marianne Faithfull delivers a understated but very real performance as Mrs Palm. The movie is slightly uneventful once Maggie gets to grips with her circumstances.

Danica A (gb) wrote: This movie was interesting. Thora Birch always does a great job, which is why the fact that she continues to pick crappy horror movie parts is beyond me. Dark Corners is a step up from some of the other ones she's done, however. It has a unique concept, nightmares blending with reality, who is the "real" person, etc. So often though potential (i.e. good script and actors) just doesn't become what it should. It bounces back and forth a lot, and relies a bit too much on the viewer understanding what's going on, when that isn't always the case. That being said, it was legitimately entertaining and kept me guessing so that I made it all the way to the end. Glad I watched it, but I probably won't be watching it again.

Jordan T (jp) wrote: I wish I can jump back in time and choose not to see this movie. Only a man can dream...

Logan M (es) wrote: I found a few scenes questionable, but this southern gothic masterpiece in disguise stays out of exploitation thanks to a red hot story that's heavy on detail and surprisingly sweet.

Keegan D (au) wrote: Its not or it's not good. I understand the message in Hoot saving the owl and yeah I like it, but the acting in this isn't that good. It's a good friendly family movie, but not good to be one of the greatest family film of all time. If I had to choose one of my favorite characters it would have to be Mullet Fingers.I don't know why, but I like the way he runs a lot in bear feet and his strength of defending the owl. The main character I think is dull and bland. The film should have been focus on Mullet Fingers instead, that would be a bit unique. All in all, it's base on the book and was adapted to a weak film set in a glorious state known as Florida.

Alyssa B (au) wrote: Still one of my favorite horror movies of all time. The ending is phenomenal!

Steve D (ag) wrote: The animation and dialog may be grating at times but the overall arc is fun and may convert some new fans to the series. Makes me wonder what could be done with a live action version

Felix O (kr) wrote: Excellent movie, very moving.

Kimberly Y (it) wrote: was a good movie just very sad

Allan C (br) wrote: Likable but Woody Allen comedy/drama about a low level entertainment agent, Danny Rose, who books the likes of balloon animal acts or people who make music on wine glasses. Rose gets his big break with a washed up Italian lounge singer, Nick Apollo Forte, but gets sucked into the singer's personal drama involving his mistress played by Mia Farrow, who plays a very out-of-character type of role as a brassy broad, but does it well. The film is shot in black and white by the great Gordon Willis and the story told in flashbacks by a group of agents sitting in a deli swapping stories about Broadway Danny Rose, with Sandy Baron narrating the main story. I think my main complaint is the film's absurd Felliniesque moments seem out of place with the film's dramatic elements. They would have worked if the film was a straight comedy, but costumed superheroes showing up in the middle of a field or women in bird costumes, seem out of place if we were to take the drama seriously. Still, getting to see Allen do stand-up in a Catskills or the bits involving stuttering ventriloquist are just pure cinema magic. It's a flawed film, but it's also kind of magic.

Gabriele F (it) wrote: Catchy and in my opinion well-balanced between a spy-story and a polite action movie.

Dane C (au) wrote: One of Hope and Crosby's best films, incredibly funny and enjoyable. Anyone who has not seen the Road movies with Hope and Crosby are missing out.