The Hour of the Lynx

The Hour of the Lynx

Helen, a priest, is approached by scientist Lisbeth with a desperate plea for help. A young man, who has been sent to a high security psychiatric ward after having killed an old couple, has attempted suicide while rambling about God. Having been part of an experiment attempting to humanize inmates by assigning them pets, the young man has suddenly gone ballistic. Fearing that he will attempt suicide again priest and scientist must now confront their mutual animosities while trying to grasp the truth. In a race against time the two women begin a shocking journey deeper and deeper into the sick mind of a young man's soul.

Helen, who is a priest, is approached by scientist Lisbeth with a desperate plea for help. A young man, who has been sent to a high security psychiatric ward after having killed an old ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny N (nl) wrote: Twas like watching a film that was on channel 4 late at night in the 80's. This kinda thing is going on all the time, fascinatingly funny to see it on the big screen.

Sara S (ca) wrote: and when you least expect it, there it is flooding into your experience.

Alex W (it) wrote: If there is a movie with the title "Run! Bitch! Run!" I kinda expected a hilarious grindhouse flick but i got an uninspired, unoriginal and lazy movie that's been done to death a million times but better.

Gareth J (mx) wrote: Amongst Miike Takashi's more commercial successes is Crows 0, yet anotheraddition in a string of crowd pleasing manga adaptations which, whilst not being listed among his more accomplished works, remains a very competent piece of de-centred youth angst. Of particular note are the kick-ass live music soundtrack and the film's climactic fight scene which rages as a mutual friend of the hero and the villain desperately fights for life on the operating table. However, I still think I prefer Miike's more artistic offerings to straight-forward entertainment. Like One Missed Call before it, the film seems somewhat blaze because it simply retrads old ground covered by films like Suicide Club and especially Battle Royal. Warrior culture still exists in Japanese culture, very much, but I feel that this exploration of the male desire for violence and physical domination needed to go beyond the analogue good VS evil analogy. Still, this is a Miike film. And even when the Japanese QT is playing it safe with straight-forward material it is still very, very enjoyable to watch.

Kris M (de) wrote: I've half seen this film at least 3 times in the last decade and finally had time to see it all when it aired recently. Hitler's first beer hall rant...I see who Glen Beck channels on that mindless rant he calls infotainment. Of course, don't we all wonder today might look like if Hitler had decided to be a mediocre...or possibly a completely twisted mad artist? I'm sure the world would have found a way to produce someone equally if not even more seems to be a key component of human dna and we seem to find a way to continue the traditions that breed righteous anger and widespread destruction. Of course, it's probably easier for everyone to believe he jumped from the womb wearing hobnailed boots and brandishing a weapon.

Andrew E (ru) wrote: Brutal, Riveting and Disturbing. Man is it good though.

John H (it) wrote: Basically a surprisingly old fashioned biopic - late 1930s, 1940s style.....however DAVID BOWIE's UTTERLY DELIGHTFUL, INDEED MESMERIZING PERFORMANCE As Andy Warhol adds something really special to the every scene he was in I eagerly awaited EVERY WORD that Bowie's Warhol had to say......a truly amazing and fascinating performance - a real treat !!...for this reason I am giving the film two stars instead of just one.

Eric L (ag) wrote: 45 years old.. If I had to name a favorite movie of all time.. Paint Your Wagon would be it.. I cant stop watching it when I see it on TV

Kelly H (ca) wrote: I think Ina Balin was miscast in this film. But other than that, its quality of staying somewhat true to the long melodramatic novel of O'hara was good but perhaps not great. The real standout in this film is Newman's real life love, Woodward in one of her best roles ever.

melissa u (es) wrote: very sweet and sad film

Paul D (fr) wrote: Well, the critics hated this, but they seem to hate everything so who cares? Is this great? No...but I still have fun watching it from time to time. Ben Stiller is certainly not one of my favorite actors, but he does well with this movie (and series).