The Houseboy

The Houseboy

Distraught after he overhears his two 30-something lovers talking about finding a new "toy" to replace him, young Ricky looks for love through a series of random sexual encounters while house-sitting for the couple over the Christmas holidays. Meanwhile, he contemplates suicide. But when Ricky meets a compassionate new friend, he may be experiencing the sparks of real love in this compelling and sexy gay drama.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:student,   drugs,   orgy,  

Overhearing his boyfriends talk of "a new toy for Christmas," young, cute, but aimless Ricky copes with online hookups and drugs. Depressed, Ricky considers suicide, until he meets another boy who makes him wonder should he stick around? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gena D (br) wrote: A cute story about a dad who needs to better appreciate his child...oh and there were some fairies in it.

Leo L (it) wrote: Here's a movie that is not so bad. Fairly well story plot. The world of stealing, lying, and cheating does not fall short of as it does in the world of Pooja, Jimmy Cliff, and Bachchan. Their ultimate goal is to be the winner in the outcome, and the goal is ever so approachable. Pooja has a secret plan to fulfill, and it leads over several years when she is utlimately capable. Jimmy Cliff is looking for the easiest path to success. As for Bachchan, his dream is to one day serve his fellow hero-gangster. Each are in for a hilarious ride. Interesting music. Great cast- Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan, Anil Kapoor, and Kareena Kapoor. Worth seeing!

Arundhati S (ag) wrote: very very good. though i thought it would have been better in hindi or any local lang. english made it sound very out of the place. nasseruddin shah is amazing!

Philip Z (nl) wrote: Horrible! Just horrible! Wow, I can't believe what's happened to this franchise. When you ditch Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, and the rest of the talented cast from the first two movies, you wind up with shit like this. Seriously, the filmmakers forgot that Major League was meant to be a comedy. It's played mostly straight with a few weak attempts at humor scattered here and there. I actually fell asleep about halfway through it. When I asked my friends if I had missed anything good, they shrugged and told me that I was probably better off not revisiting.

Connor C (us) wrote: Passable Dangerfield entertainment

Douglas L (nl) wrote: I watched it because it had Daniel Day Lewis in it. After watching it I think that I liked it over all besides him because of the pacing and the old feeling I got from it. There were moments that were nostalgic to me. I liked the premise and I liked the way it told the story of the environment that surrounded the Omar and Johnny.

Abel D (de) wrote: While Damski recreates the look of classic Hollywood pirate adventures well, and John Morris' score is fittingly bombastic and bold, 'Yellowbeard' is sadly really short on laughs, a surprise given the amount of iconic comedians involved and that Chapman, a former Python no less, helped write it. But even their combined charisma can't elevate lame gags that either lack punch, or just ramble on and on with inadequate payoff.

Sheppard S (jp) wrote: Saw this when it came out. Was not impressed. Pure exploitation from a sick director.

Adam L (de) wrote: Incisive, entertaining, maybe even timeless (it??s sure as hell still relevant today), this documents the woes and mischief of a trio of Detroit line workers as they uncover corruption in their union, and it's probably as good as anything I expect to see this year. Amazing that this was Schrader??s first film as it is arguably his finest. Pryor was never better.

Christopher B (au) wrote: Decent enough family film. Has plot twists that most kids under 15 won't see coming, and and special effects that were good for the pre-ILM (Star Wars) years Filled with both historical points and cliches, this is a good film to use in starting conversations with school kids. Many adults will remember Hartman later hosted Good Morning America for several years. One of the last scripts by Joss Wheden's (Avengers & Buffy) grand-dad, John.

Konrad S (fr) wrote: Blunt screenplay turned into visual orgy of sado-macho-ultra-femine sadism. Great acting... in a way of course. Did I say something wrong here? :) Russ Meyer's masterpiece, which was easter egged countless times.

aurelita (fr) wrote: Didn't like it at all. Seemed predictable. Didn't finish watching it.