The Howling Miller

The Howling Miller

The main character is a miller, who sometimes acts strangely but is otherwise a goodhearted hardworking honest man. He sometimes keeps the villagers up all night by howling. Finally the villagers decide that the miller has to be committed into a mental hospital, where the hero does not have to spend too much time until he escapes. The miller takes to the woods near his home but there he is constantly harassed by the chief of the police with his posse.

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The Howling Miller torrent reviews

Peter B (ru) wrote: Implausible story, utterly weak ending, would have stopped watching 20 minutes in, but the wife wanted to see it. Don't bother.

Bryan P (fr) wrote: Two bankers play a game of hide and seek with a young lad desperate for money. The only thing he does not know that its life or death. Some messed up shit i would have to say

Bengel W (us) wrote: The gentle sophisticated sense of humor comes across in the music and acting complementing the panache of the scenery. The cinematography follows this gentleness with vistas that roll gently in the background, with an intimate feel to the craftsmanship of wine producing. Alan gives one of his most noble and humorous characterizations to date. Nibbles: Cheese, grapes, wine.

Brandon S (gb) wrote: An adequate sequel that is very entertaining, and just as well made, but lacks the emotional heft that made the original a classic. This movie gives moviegoers who weren't pleased with the original, because of its lack of killing, the gore they crave. Which is still entertaining, but quite disheartening at the same time.

Mike T (fr) wrote: This is a brave little indie film that ultimately falls short as a result of somewhat cloudy directorial vision. I like the story a lot, and Michael Pitt's performance is fantastically original, but it's a little too weird for its own good. Compelling in a weird way, but definitely not the gem I was expecting.

Haheita V (fr) wrote: Con tal vez 2 o 3 minutos de dilogo es una pelcula muy cargada de palabras y sentido.

Weston T (jp) wrote: It's like Pokemon, except Togepi is a tyrannosaurus rex, and Team Rocket eats fetuses.

James C (ca) wrote: not freaken interested

Michelle R (ag) wrote: Has it's moments, but the acting is poor and the story missing strong character builds.

Nate A (nl) wrote: This movie scared the hell out of me as a kid. As an adult...well, not so scary. There are some scenes that work and most of the actors aren't too awful.It's really not that good, but it's impossible to hate a movie where the hero is a golden retriever. As far as b-movie fare goes, there's far worse out there.

Alexander C (it) wrote: Would like to get round to watching.

Veniea T (fr) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Berni E (ca) wrote: Fun to watch Ryan Gosling in a silly slapstick comedy.