The Hunchedback Horse

The Hunchedback Horse

Adventures of Ivan the Fool and humpbacked horse in the world of kind magical creatures and cruel people.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:57 minutes
  • Release:1947
  • Language:Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:magic,   horse,  

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The Hunchedback Horse torrent reviews

Larry H (ag) wrote: Love this movie and can't believe it took so long to make another.

Chloe Z (de) wrote: charming Sophie. romantic story though i cannot remember 80% of it...

Timothy S (it) wrote: Normally, when filmmakers step outside of their comfort zone, I'm excited to see the end result even when it isn't entirely successful. Mel Brooks is one of the most renown and respected comedic filmmakers of the modern age, and "Life Stinks" is his attempt at making a socially responsible comedy, and the finished product is an utter disaster.There are attempts at humor in the film, make no mistakes about that, with with Brooks you can count on either biting satire or goofy, go-for-broke sight gags. You'll find none of that here. Because of the subject matter. most of the humor is uncomfortable and it doesn't mix well with the paths and social commentary.I can understand Brooks wanting to shine a light on a serious subject matter through the use of humor, but here the line between the two is blurred and neither is effective. The homeless in the film are fairly impossible to take seriously because they are written as kooky but lovable scamps. The upside of that is that it makes the preposterous relationship that develops between Brooks and bag lady Lesley Anne Warren palatable but still incredibly difficult to stomach.There are also several basic contrivances with the story that are never fully resolved, but they do make for a happy ending in which everyone learns a lesson and is wiser for the experience. Everyone, that is, except for the audience of "Life Stinks." It's a definite departure for Brooks that still tries to retain the spirit of his earlier films, but the gamble misfires badly. It's a somber experience, and the lack of successful jokes make it even more unbearable.

Wesley S (us) wrote: Umberto Lenzi creates the cannibal subgenre of exploitation films with this wonderful (and surprisingly touching) take on Dances With Wolves (only with cannibal folk instead of Native Americans).

Benjamin R (us) wrote: A fun movie with fantastic voice acting. The portrayal of the characters feels true to the original material. It's a little bit darker than some animated movies, but not as dark as others. It fits right in that "fun" category. Completely enjoyable.

Valeria P (es) wrote: Interesting portrayal of Bobby Fischer's mental breakdown as he reached the heights of professional success. Inspired performances.

Rangan R (ag) wrote: A teen girl's sexual exploration.Well, the first thing is this film is not for everyone. Because the contents were too strong for being a teen theme. That means it is good for the grown ups to watch. The story of a 15 year old girl in the 70s living with her mother and small sister. It begins when her sexual urges takes off, her first with a middle aged man. So she documents everything and besides, with her close friend's support, they together explore even more options. Being a minor and yet her real life to commence, what she plans for the future determines the remaining developments.The performance by Bel Powley was amazing. She was the perfect choice to play that role despite she's older than the role. There were many nudes and sex scenes, but was not that strong, especially when compared with the similar themes of the present era films. The pace had lots of ups and downs, but the progression was on the right path which actually saved the film.The story was just fine, no complication to understand and also not easy to explain, but in a short, it was a teenage girl's sexual exploration. Everybody gets into that stage of life, but only few courageously opts a path to accomplish. And for some, it is an open opportunity that makes them to get there than intentionally make that move. I felt the film was well adapted from its book and directed by a newcomer, Surely worth a watch, but again I'm saying that it is not for everyone.7/10

Angel G (gb) wrote: Not great, but entertaining and tense for what it was. "Disturbing Behavior" benefits from its interesting plot, some creepy scenes, its ideas and strong performances from James Marsden and Katie Holmes. Its just entertaining teen thriller, nothing special really. However, William Sadler steals the show as the janitor, he's funny and was perfect for the role. Wont be a classic but its suspenseful fun that you can find in Netflix.