The Hungry Ghosts

The Hungry Ghosts

A New York City-set drama of interlocking stories which occur over a 36-hour period.

A New York City-set drama of interlocking stories which occur over a 36-hour period. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yasmin E (au) wrote: It was good :) sad though

Jeff S (de) wrote: Great mixed martial arts movie.

Shyam K (kr) wrote: Exploitation and objectification, done right ;every is character thoroughly stereotyped and exploited. Nearly naked white men with thoroughly shaved bodies and un-shaven faces battle Arabs, monsters, ninjas, gays, and more monsters.

Leslie D (jp) wrote: Nasty Action and visions of Virgin Mary set in Mexico. A hard hitting and blood spitting b-tale of vengeance with a pretty kick ass ending. Pit Fighter kind of works like a poor man's Machete, except the anti-hero uses a sword.

Tytus W (fr) wrote: Loved this movie whe it came out. Love it now. The most beautiful description of young love - ever!

horse c (au) wrote: Not the best western I've seen, but it's ok

Cassandra M (de) wrote: This is one of the funniest movies of the early 1970's. The story, the acting as well as the characters helped to make this a great film. In many ways this film was a preview of things to come due to the fact that the very next year with the premier of Shaft, the era of the "blaxploitation" film would begin. Also, you have to wonder if the team who created the Lethal Weapon series were somewhat inspired by this due to the fact that characters of Gravedigger and Coffin are somewhat reminiscent of Briggs and Murtaugh from that series. However, the thing that really made this fun was the brief appearance of Redd Foxx playing a character that was not dissimilar from the character that would earn him his biggest fame, Fred Sanford. This is definitely a lost classic.

Peter P (it) wrote: Slow meandering western that has very little story but a pretty great performance from Paul Newman is what makes this worth seeing.

Adrian A (de) wrote: Bad. Even by the series' own slightly lower standards. Weighted down by a budget that they felt they had to use, this entry in the franchise reached way too far. Two of the three shorts, plus the through story, were far more action oriented than they should have been. That said, there is one that stands out as being particularly great. But being sandwiched between garbage bogs down the experience. This film was, frankly, embarrassing for me as an avid fan of the franchise. Breaking its own rules in favor of a more "cinematic" look, VHS: Viral thinks it's much better than it is, thinks it has societal commentary, and takes itself far too seriously in the wrong ways, and too lightly in other ways. All in all, I think the filmmaker's collective egos may have ended their own modest franchise. If you're a fan of the series, I recommend watching the film anyway. It's like watching the fall of Valhalla. Both grand and terrible in its destruction.