The Hurt Locker

The Hurt Locker

Forced to play a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse in the chaos of war, an elite Army bomb squad unit must come together in a city where everyone is a potential enemy and every object could be a deadly bomb.

A real picture of the lives of those who have to do the most dangerous jobs in the world: remove the bomb detonators in battles. James, a new sergeant, assumes the position of captain of bombs in the circumstances both teams have many internal contradictions. James has repeatedly Sanborn and Eldridge appointed in dangerous positions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Clayton L (ru) wrote: Very gripping and tense. "Crazy" ending!

Herbert C (it) wrote: Inspired by true accounts , Gypsy struggle to preserve their way of life during the WW2 era is explored in interestingly raw manner. If you are looking for a happy feel good feeling, turn away . overall thumbs up to the actors and director.

Timmy H (fr) wrote: This was pretty good. I can see hollywood getting there hands on this for remake.

Trevor L (us) wrote: Some good shots but defly a nature documentary for kids. Misleading cover, not a cg story (or much of a story at all).

Harsh C (gb) wrote: Watched 5 minutes. Stupid thriller/sicko movie

Johanna S (ag) wrote: Filmen har absolut sina pointer, men den r ack s lngsam i handlingen, speciellt under den frsta timmen ("skall man se den hr i TV? timmar?"). Klarar man sig igenom den timmen fljer man dremot en underfundig film med historier som berr, och som vecklar in sig vackert i varandra mot slutet. Mste sga att det r den bsta filmen i genren "nglar" som jag sett - man klarar sig absolut utan Sankte Per...

Christopher E (jp) wrote: Halfway in, this may be one of the top 10 worst movies ever, and not in an amusing way.

August C (mx) wrote: Captain Ron is one of those 90's light family entertainment endeavours. It never set out to win awards or be more than just a good time for all ages. Martin short and Kurt Russel have a good time in this one. Don't expect a life changing event and you will be sure to enjoy this one.

Eric M (us) wrote: I liked this as a kid... something tells me now that I would hate it.

Glory S (us) wrote: All the Vamp Classics are GoOd.

Eric B (fr) wrote: Something that often goes unnoticed: Under Buster Keaton's everyman costumes, he had a rather elegant, aristocratic face. So it's easy to accept him in "Battling Butler" as pampered millionaire Alfred Butler, looking trim and sophisticated in his tailored suits. And given that Keaton had quite a few beans in the bank by this stage of his career, perhaps the posh world shown in the introduction wasn't far from his own reality.The premise of this 71-minute silent is not so plausible, but it does supply plenty of laughs. Mansion-bound Alfred decides a hunting getaway is just what he needs, so he and his valet (amusing Snitz Edwards, who's even more petite than Keaton) take off for the woods. Keaton has lots of fun with sight gags as his character continues to indulge his need for luxury, even while camping.Everything changes when Alfred meets a pretty, unnamed "mountain girl" (Sally O'Neill). He almost shoots her (oops), but they soon feel romantic sparks. However, her brawny father and brother sneer at wimpy Alfred and scorn the courtship. Noting that a current boxing champ also happens to be named Alfred Butler, the valet gets a spontaneous idea and bluffs that his boss is actually the boxer on retreat (yes, this story is pre-television and Internet). The girl's family is impressed, but now Keaton is stuck in a lie. This sets in motion an extended charade of him pretending to be a boxer in training (lots of physical humor with sparring partners and boxing-ring ropes), while the real champion (Francis McDonald) learns of the ruse and aims to teach him a harsh lesson. But we know our plucky hero will prove his mettle in the end, don't we?The wiry star shows some legitimate punching power, but a comic scene where the boxer's "punished" wife sports a black eye reminds us of the film's age.

Ben C (it) wrote: Anyone who hasn't heard of American Football would probably focus more on the subplots of this movie. It isn't perfect. It isn't the most electrifying sports film. Hell, it isn't even Kevin Costner's (Dances with Wolves, Field of Dreams) finest hour. But he manages to steer the ship through stormy weather in the shortcomings of the film, to deliver us a rather unique finale you have to see. It even gives the down-on-their-luck Cleveland Browns something to keep going for their team... hope. And Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters, Kindergarten Cop) turns in a passable film with an above-average story about a team longing for future glory.

Tina M (ru) wrote: Pretty good but very stagy (I felt). Did anyone else noticed that the story was almost EXACTLY the same as Tess of the D'Urbervilles? Even down to the "no one will baptize my baby so I'll do it myself before he dies" thing. Did the gal who wrote the play copy much?

Mark F (kr) wrote: Lets see: terrible acting, unrealistic plot, not really much of a plot, no structure, terrible emotions, no transitioning, and lots of tits and ass.