The Hustle

The Hustle

Disenchanted pest sprayer and single dad Freddie Manning is always trying to hustle a tiny bit more from his disappointing life when he suffers a series of setbacks that puts him in the ...

Disenchanted pest sprayer and single dad Freddie Manning is always trying to hustle a tiny bit more from his disappointing life when he suffers a series of setbacks that puts him in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brendon M (us) wrote: Only watched 5 minutes. Thanks Wally!

Carlos I (kr) wrote: Hopkins sleepwalks through an interesting premise, with a weak script. It's unfortunate to see such a great cast wasted. It's not terrible, but I can think of better ways to waste your time...

Ophelia T (it) wrote: Hello, it's Green Day, why wouldn't it be

David B (ag) wrote: its sort of a one joke movie but i like it. billy bob is perfect in this role.

Corey M (ru) wrote: This was like on par with dude where's my car.... I want that part of my life back.

Graham C (fr) wrote: Good Film! Tense storyline with a new look at Vince Vaughen as psychotic killer trying to doe his true identity from his new future family. John Travolta plays your normal likeable father who soon becomes aware of an unusual situation with his son fearing his life.

Gaku S (it) wrote: I found it from netflix streaming. It's been over 18 years since I saw this movie first time. I usually not into romantic movies... But this one is just sweet. I still love it Sandra Bullock was so charming also. :-)

Evan K (ag) wrote: Yimou always does such a great job with image and color, but sometimes his movies are to spectacular and not very good at coming to any kind of resolution. It shouldn't be a requirement for cinema to be totally grounded in theoretical purpose, but with Ju-Dou I was left asking, "why was this made?" It seems to capitalize on human cruelty, presenting it without any contrast, or dynamic portrayal of humanity. Like many of his films there is an insurmountable amount of horror the characters go through, and never come out of, ending the film with a since of justice concerning revenge or ironic rectification-I don't think this justifies itself though. What I am trying to get at, is these movies really just present life and human darkness as a cycle with no cracks, truly and utterly closed systems that balance themselves out in dark ways and never giving in to happiness. What am i supposed to take from that? What is the purpose of showing this? Yes, I think parts of the world exist in this way, but to revolve a whole film career around that same story and conflict, to present it so many ways and never come to anything more than acceptance of the cycle seems like he is using cruelty or his failure to accept the cycle in truth as a spectacle, a never ending soap opera of a sorts. This film is a pre-shoot to "Raise Red Lantern" but it lacks the over stylization that drives the point further into the psyche and it also is not as good as pointing to how the cycle balances itself, comes to a fruition so much. Sigh, I don't know, just seems like every time we are supposed to feel something the film becomes too basic, drawing us in with sensationalism instead of sincerity, Yimou's spirit is plagued with a darkness I don't think he understands but regrets and he tries to deal with it through image, and does an excellent job of presenting it but never is quit able to bring it into the full of light. Sorry to all his fans.

Tim S (es) wrote: When I was growing up, this was a definitive watch for the family and we laughed ourselves silly with it everytime. Whether he's being serious or just flat-out silly, Bill Cosby never misses his mark in what is considered by most to be his most definitive recorded performance (outside of his album To My Brother Russell, Whom I Slept With). Looking at Bill Cosby: Himself today, I still find it just as much fun and just as hilariously entertaining as I did when I was a child. For the most part, I can't relate to a lot of things that he talks about, but thankfully one isn't required many of the experiences that he talks about in order to laugh. The man is just funny as a storyteller and that's where the genius of his comedy comes from. This landmark concert film should be required viewing for anyone who claims to be a fan of stand-up comedy, or in Bill's case, sit-down comedy. It's hands down one of the funniest and most engaging performances ever committed to film.

Dan G (ca) wrote: Fantastic. I'm surprised it didn't receive a score of at least 90.

Andrew K (br) wrote: Poor storyline, poor script and some really strange camera work.

Alyan H (nl) wrote: One of the best films of 2004, Pure hilarity and genius