The Hypnotist

The Hypnotist

After a young woman and her parents are murdered by a killer determined to wipe out the entire family, Detective Inspector Joona Linna works with a psychiatrist to hypnotize the son who narrowly escaped death in order to find the one surviving daughter before the murderer does.

A detective pairs himself with a famous psychologist on a case involving a traumatized young witness to a crime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sadie V (mx) wrote: This movie was well written and produced. The acting in my opinion was top notch. The future is bright for these boys and girls!! Can't wait to see whats next from this group.

Nathan L (br) wrote: There are some aspects of this movie that a perfectly poignant. Watch it in high spirits only.

Gastro D (ag) wrote: Living near St. Charles Illinois I was looking forward to some excitement with this film. Too bad it turned to be another cheesy flick with gullible teens in back and forth dialogue along with two clueless cops on the hunt for a convict that escaped from a overturned bus. Car stalls, no mobile signal in St.Charles, police radio accidentally turned off, and continuing dumb dialogue in a car stalled in the middle of Munger Road. Too typical and too cheesy to be a relatively good flick. Pass it!

Vikram R (ru) wrote: One of the reasons I love Tamil cinema better than bollywood. Funny, and none of the slapstick. And a great story.

Tina S (jp) wrote: I was scared they would come for me next

Tasos L (au) wrote: I've read almost all Bukowski books and i would say that this movie portrays pretty good his beliefs..

Steen T (es) wrote: Utterly brilliant movie about relationships. Joon-yeong (Kam Woo-seong) and Yuen-hee (Eom Jeong-hwa) sort of fall for each other, they get along and have great sex, but she wants a man with more money than Joon-yeong makes as a lecturer. He doesn't want to admit how much he likes Yuen-hee and urges her to find a man with a better job. She eventually marries a doctor but keeps seeing Joon-yeong. Best described as a Korean Woody Allen movie, I suppose, this is fantastic all the way. I have seen it several times and it just gets better and better.

xxcreee s (nl) wrote: you know what i lvoe the powerpuff girls.

Eliabeth K (it) wrote: Good movie...a little odd, but good nonetheless...

Trey B (ca) wrote: Mulan kicks butt with great performances, a good story, and interesting themes.

Bill B (au) wrote: Delightfully sleazy and over the top, this one really knows what it is and just goes for it. Reform school 'girls' who are pushing 30 if they're a day, these ladies are all about the casual cruelty and rough action at the drop of a hat.Fun stuff and it's great to see Wendy O. Williams at her scenery chewing best here.Well worth a look, give it a rental at the very least.

Samantha S (us) wrote: cute movie - Al Pacino never looked hotter!

Marilee A (nl) wrote: Capitalizing on Sean Connery's Fame as 007, he didn't depart much from that role , as he is a British Mercenary for Hire here.A somewhat Elegant Film with Superb Cinematography that offers glimpses into Local Customs, Rebel Cause & Effect, & The Excesses of the Powerful,such was life in 1959 Cuba.Quite interesting to tour the Cigar & Rum factories along with the slimey ,Jack Weston, as Gutman.Also quite interesting glimpse into the extent of what extremists, the Rebels ,were under the Batista regime, even if they did take liberties with the History.Sean Connery as Robert Dapes looses his Tough Guy Mercenary focus, when he is reunited briefly with the Love he lost 15 years earlier, Alexandra(Brooke Adams) who is now married into the most powerful family in Cuba, & is unwilling to give up her life of Luxury & Prominence for him.I enjoyed this Film very much.

Tim S (it) wrote: What is there to say about the awfulness that is Lady Frankenstein? Well, for starters, it's a film that was produced in Italy and bought by Roger Corman for American Distribution. Rosalba Neri was a hot Italian actress at the time (and in many other ways, as well), so she's really the star of the show here. Poor Joseph Cotten, who was given some work late in his career, stars as Baron von Frankenstein, who is later succeeded by his daughter, played by Neri. There's also a small part for Mickey Hargitay as well. The movie kind of meanders and doesn't really have a strong focus to it, which is its main problem. The rest of its problems involve horrible dialogue, bad special effects, terrible make-up and a lackluster story. Even the presence of Neri can't save this stinker from slipping into bad movie obscurity, and then some.

Daniel B (mx) wrote: Superb slice of Hammer from the great Terence Fisher.