The Ice Princess

The Ice Princess

Författaren Erica Falck återvänder till sin barndomsidyll Fjällback för att skriva. Men livet i det lilla samhället skakas om när hennes barndomsvän Alexandra hittas död med uppskurna handleder. Till en början pekar allt mot självmord, men obduktionen visar att Alexandra blev mördad. Tillsammans med polisen Patrik Hedström dras Erica in i det tragiska fallet och snart står det klart att mordgåtans lösning finns att söka i Ericas egen barndom. Alexandra verkar ha burit på en mörk hemlighet som någon är beredd att göra vad som helst för att bevara... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David G (ca) wrote: For a movie about a butt monster (no, seriously) it's funny and, surprisingly, heartfelt.

Christopher M (ag) wrote: Canadian yarn from great Canadian stand up comedian Sean Garrity. The movie is not that great but it has its moments.

Andrea R (it) wrote: Very interesting documentary!

Mike C (ru) wrote: I am not overly fond of Italian films in general, but this one was good enough. The cinematography was highly touted, being nominated for a handful of awards and getting mentioned on the back of the netflix package. The actress playing the old and dying mother won a Golden Globe in 2010. I disagree. That was a weak link in the film, I thought. The actress playing the younger version of the same woman...well she at least won a spot in my heart. Daywum.I'm not sure what this movie is. Kind of an epic feel as it spans several decades. Two children, namely the boy, struggle growing up with their beautiful mother. Is it a tragedy? Much like the movie Malena, also Italian and featuring poster girl Monica Belluci, might be a similar movie where a woman's attractiveness turns out to be her downfall. Oh, what a perfect setting then: Italy. But that may just be a subplot. The mother, while making bad decisions or having them made for her, is not mean. So the boy who takes it all personally may just be his own biggest problem.The ending is maybe the strongest part of the movie. Drama probably comes to a peak in the final 10 minutes, and some character traits are revealed. Probably should have seen it coming, but that does not make them less impacting and less damaging. Either way, just look at that cast to the left of this box. How could it get any less than a 7/10?

Mike V (es) wrote: Slow, disjointed, largely uninspiring and visually bleak, this taste of modern British realism just didn't keep me interested. 1001

Kenneth B (nl) wrote: Not bad by any means, although it is ultimately a footnote in an otherwise more significant directorial career.

David D (de) wrote: Rosie O'Donnell pretending to be mentally impaired. This is a comedic masterpiece. This movie is so very quotable. "Helloo....toilet seat assistance in row number one, thank you!"

Frecissimo S (br) wrote: I love this kind of movie I just hope is a lot of action in there! is anybody sow it already???

Wanda T (au) wrote: Nice plot, though almost ridiculous. Especially liked seeing Japanese pretending Chinese to speak whatever languages.

Demian A (de) wrote: Me di pena ver como destrozaron este el libro para armar esta psima pelcula.

Judge L (jp) wrote: Not in the same league as 'Support Your Local Sheriff." Most of the "funny" scenes are very stupid. It had a few good parts, but not enough to save this movie. Not one that I would want to see more than once.

Adam P (gb) wrote: Pasolini intercuts the stories of two wanderers, one fugitive cannibal in a pseudo-medieval wasteland, and one ennui-addicted bourgeois slacker in a chateau built by his ex-Nazi father's blood money. Unfortunately, while the former often makes for beautiful and mysterious cinema, the latter makes for deliberate if not stupid philosophical obscuration. This second half of Porcile is an example of Pasolini at his most self-indulgent and least successful, carrying us through disproportionally long scenes of dialogue on the nature of inalienability and emotional phenomena (none of which, we come to learn, mean anything, even to the characters that speak of them). It is only when the film reaches the simultaneous climax of both narratives that it carries any real force, but by that point, the payoff is too intellectually simple for the set-up. As a piece of political cinema its bookends are great, but the forgettable mess of babble in the middle ruins the lesson.

Golia K (es) wrote: "Man: for what reason did u say me your husband was dead?Woman: because he is, but not yet for me"

Maria Ines T (fr) wrote: next summer!! (Uruguay - South America) cwywf premieres