The Idlers of the Fertile Valley

The Idlers of the Fertile Valley

A father moves with his three sons and their beautiful, hard working servant in a big, old house in the countryside, where a weird drowsiness seems to occupy the four men. Will it be possible for one of them to break free?

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The Idlers of the Fertile Valley torrent reviews

Asad S (kr) wrote: Continuation to the story, this one was a tad better.

William P (it) wrote: What in the hell. Only slightly less worse than the "it was all a dream" ending. Plot twists completely ignore previous character development. Embarrassing.

James K (de) wrote: Had good build-up with some genuinely strange moments to set the mood, but the payoff was lazy and rushed. Much more could've been done.

Paisley M (ca) wrote: well acted and nicely placed plot twist, but it leaves a lot unanswered.

Jutta S (fr) wrote: Similar with the beauty of the film "the story of the weeping camel". Both films I have seen a few times.

Zulmix V (ag) wrote: Interesting idea,strong acting....great photography

Josh K (gb) wrote: Underrated made for hbo b movie. Glenn is excellent as usual!

bloody w (br) wrote: the greatest film of the early 90s black crime films. a gem by first time director. Ernest Dickerson. a must see for fans of crime films

(jp) wrote: Ok it's Seagal, so I shouldn't need to say much here, except that somehow this one isn't as bad as it should be. It's strangely watchable. Probably the best Seagal I've seen. It's got all the usual Seagal elements; big bad guy, crime, Segal's unflappable bone breaking ways, someone who needs to be saved/protected, car chases, fist/gun fights, naked chicks, and explosions. This time though it somehow kinda works. It just rolls along and keeps delivering "the goods" as it were, in an economical, sure-footed straight-to -the-point sort of way. Or maybe the Voodoo's gotten to me?


Nadya J (nl) wrote: A tragic story from WWII where a group German Jews were allowed to sail to Cuba away from all the worries of the Nazi regime in Germany.To their horror the passengers are not allowed to get off the ship once they arrive in Cuban territory, so they are set to return to Europe where death awaits them.This movie is very memorable, I remember watching it many years ago and I still remember the story very clearly. The fact that the movie is based on an actual event is frightening, because it is difficult to imagine that this kind of cruelty against human beings still exists in our world.I believe that this movie must've been a huge hit back in the 70's, it is definitely a classic movie worth watching.

Charles P (jp) wrote: The Exterminating Angel is darkly comedic, scathing observation of the violent impulses and terrible truths of high society when etiquette is stripped bare.

Michael T (ru) wrote: Possibly Garland & Rooney's most elaborate musical together; overlong and overly sentimental, but the score includes the Oscar-nominated "How About You?"

Juls XD H (mx) wrote: what happened was going so fine...well is entertaining but it's a bad adaptation of the book

Peter S (de) wrote: Some great dialogue and a few twists!

Adam R (au) wrote: Stupid with lame teen humor. Ridiculously bad. Dare I say, super bad! (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)