The Illumination

The Illumination

Tabloid life of a physicist; his work, his love life and his quest for the meaning beyond.

Tabloid life of a physicist; his work, his love life and his quest for the meaning beyond. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Galvy F (nl) wrote: More strategic way of combat.

Manu C (ru) wrote: good one! heartwarming and quite inspiring ;)

MariePier D (de) wrote: So so weird! I'm a fan of all those actors, but really Jen... Sleeping with the same man of your mother and grandmother?? What's that?? I didn't see The Graduate but this movie is just OK. I say Check it if you like Shirley MacLaine and Mena Suvari, there are the ones that we remember after the movie!Tellement trange ! Je suis une fan de tous ses acteurs, mais vraiment Jen... Coucher avec le mme homme que ta mre et ta grand-mre ?? Quoi ? Je n'ai pas vu Le Laurat mais ce film-ci, il n'est que correct. voir si vous aimez Shirley MacLaine et Mena Suvari, elles sont celles que l'on a su apprci dans le film.

sam m (jp) wrote: this half star is also toooo much for this awful flick

MF J (it) wrote: Saw this film in St. Tropez with my aunty when i was a kid. We had a good time and laugh a lot. Haven't seen it for a decade but i'm sure it still has some funny moments in it.

Duncan K (us) wrote: Are we done with these yet??????????

tanja n (gb) wrote: A funny and crazy movie :) One of Johnny Depps first movies. He was so young here

Asa B (mx) wrote: A cracking French heist flick that has you gripped from beginning to end. The blu-ray version is breath-taking.

Ken S (ru) wrote: Lean, mean and too the point. Armored Car Robbery skips along at a brisk 68 minutes and gives you everything you need and nothing you don't. As a far as heist films go, it's not the best, but for complete-ists its a must.

Anthony V (kr) wrote: Great atmosphere in one of the better Rathbone Sherlock Holmes films.

Grayson W (us) wrote: 1950s sci-fi creature themes are updated for the 1980s... A chemical meant to produce larger salmon accidentally creates a breed of rapist, decapitating lizard men.