The Illusionist

The Illusionist

With his eye on a lovely aristocrat, a gifted illusionist named Eisenheim uses his powers to win her away from her betrothed, a crowned prince. But Eisenheim's scheme creates tumult within the monarchy and ignites the suspicion of a dogged inspector.

Set in turn-of-the-century Viennahe movie follows a master magician named Eisenheim who vies with Crown Prince Leopold of Vienna for the hand of noblewoman Sophie, the girl he once loved, a woman far above his social standing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin P (ag) wrote: Miss Sloane wilt het uiterste halen uit het overbrengen van een politiek standpunt, maar vergeet daarin een goed geschreven script in mee te nemen, wat ervoor zorgt dat de normaal altijd sterke Jessica Chastain het scherm probeert te domineren zonder echt enige balans te kunnen vinden. Dit had beter gewerkt als een tv-pilot dan als een langdradige politieke thriller.

Joshua L (ag) wrote: It had potential and a nice tone of music but the movie sucks.

Roman R (br) wrote: Antes de empezar a describir la tortura que es ver esta cinta dejenme confesar que soy fan de la musica de Bjork y tambien de la serie "Cremaster" del director Matthew Barney. "Cremaster" funciona por su corta duracion y por el hecho de que uno puede dejar de verlos y no se pierde de mucho; en realidad son como videos experimentales sin una narrativa. Ahora imaginense un video "Cremaster"que dura mas de dos horas y cuarto y que cuenta con uno de los soundtracks mas irritantes que han escuchado. "Drawing Restraint 9" es un proyecto de total vanidad para Bjork y Barney, casi como una perversa prueba a la audiencia para provocarla a salirse y maldecir a los que crearon semejante experimento putrido. He aqui una de las peliculas mas frustantes que he tenido que aguantar. En su aire pretensioso y pseudo-intelectual, "Drawing Restraint 9" es equivalente a los cuadros en los museos modernos con un solo rectangulo de color. Simplemente no vale nada.

Oscar T (de) wrote: Too human, too touching, Time to Leave (Le Temps Qui Reste) is a honest drama about the wasted time. Ozon delivered a well development film with a nice story and compelling character. If you like french cinema, you should really watch this.

Tim W (ag) wrote: Far fetched and too convenient, and even got annoying by the second act. It wasn't terrible but it just couldn't hold my interest.Not near as thrilling as it tries to be. A try fail.

Carmen J (de) wrote: re-watchable anytime.

Jeff C (de) wrote: I highly recommend anything w/ Gregory Peck, but this gem is a little on the obscure side. Great soundtrack by Johnny Cash. Tuesday Weld is looking good, complete w/ her little gap-toothed smile before she had the unmitigated audacity to have it 'fixed'. First viewed on late-night TV in the 80's (a 1970 film), I've never forgotten it: Upstanding small-town Sheriff is lured to the Dark Side by a family of moonshiners...and that gap-toothed smile. Damn the luck!

Akramul i (gb) wrote: It's a little slower and less exciting than David lean's version, but still best picture and director? I'm not being bias since it stole the latter from Stanley Kubrick, I honestly think the critics were a little overblown with this.

Tim S (mx) wrote: When watching Dead Ringer, you have to remember that this was a point in time when Bette Davis was on a career rebound. She had just had some big success with What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and she was being offered a lot of projects at the time. The trouble was that she was offered many of the same types of roles: crazy and disturbed women doing despicable things. This film really isn't an exception. Although it feels slightly like Paul Henreid had Psycho in mind when he was cutting the film together, the film itself is just a mediocre sort of thriller. Davis does some nice work, but the twists and turns in the storyline feel like they're trying too hard, but it also feels like they didn't really know what to do with the premise. It's executed well enough, but it feels lacking, as if half the script was cut out before shooting began. There's no real payoff in the end, despite the so-called "twist ending." It's not a terrible movie at all, but it lacks a little in the story department mostly.

Darine S (kr) wrote: You much watch for the chemistry, and I love Bacall singing.

Lauren H (us) wrote: A great story about sisterly love!

meme t (es) wrote: whyd they kill the dog :(

Jordan T (ca) wrote: It spins a good yarn, and sports an all-around impressive cast. The even seems to have a Hitchcockian dose to it, though the pickpocket could not really be considered an ombudsman. Still, it is never boring, and best of all, stars Thelma Ritter, who is always a joy to watch on the screen. And as far as a film noir goes, its right up there with some of the best.