The Immortals

The Immortals

An elaborate heist unites 8 strangers in a simultaneous assault on targets all over the city- and explodes in a hailstorm of gunfire and high-speed chases in this powerful action-thriller. Recruited by a Mafia nightclub owner (Eric Roberts), 4 teams launch a brutal cross-town attack to retrieve suitcases full of cash. But as the violence escalates, the team members discover just who their real target has been all along - and the shocking truth they have in common.

A seedy nightclub owner recruits eight violent gangsters for an elaborate heist, but when they all begin to compare notes, they find they're pawns in a dangerous game of doublecross. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leo S (jp) wrote: Great documentary. Recommend it to everyone.

Jesse O (mx) wrote: Someone else pointed out the obvious for this movie and that is the fact that it plays out like a Lifetime TV movie. There's nothing wrong with that in and of itself, but a large part of those films aren't exactly known for their quality writing, acting or cinematography. I'm sure there's some solid enough movies that have been released as Lifetime TV movies, but those never really transcend that low-brow level. And that perfectly describes this movie to me, I have no idea if it was a Lifetime movie or not, but it pretty much plays like one. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of a woman, whose girlfriend, a thief, was murdered in self-defense during an attempted robbery, becoming friend with the person who murdered her boyfriend and trying to wreak havoc in her life from afar. That idea is, at the very least, a decent one. One that has probably been seen before, but it's a decent one nonetheless. The execution, however, leaves a lot to be desired. The film looks like crap, it looks like it was shot on a $3000 camera. It's just the lowest of the low. The font for the intro credits look like they were from Windows 95. The writing is just dreadful. And the acting is only marginally better than the acting. To me, the best revenge thrillers, which this can, technically, be described as being, feature characters whose motivations that, at least, you can understand. You're not necessarily condoning their course of action, but you can understand why they'd want to take revenge. Oldboy, the original of course, is one of the best examples of this. This movie, on the other hand, fails at that. And I know Haylie Duff's character was meant to be the villain, but she's unlikable in a way that makes me not want to watch her anymore. I just can't understand how her character would justify in her mind that the woman who killed her boyfriend has to die. Her life and her daughter's life was in danger and she did what she had to do. So how does Duff's character not see that? She was clearly never meant to be the most rational or stable of people, but I just found that her character was poorly developed. Everyone's character was poorly developed. The good guys in the film have, literally, no flaws whatsoever. It's kind of nauseating when you see the protagonist, her boyfriend and her adopted daughter all happy, they were just way too perfect, like out of fucking Hallmark card family. Like I mentioned, the acting is only slightly better than the writing, so it's still really bad. I thought Haylie Duff was awful in this movie. Neither of the Duff sisters have ever been known for their acting abilities, but I still thought she was awful in this movie. And, really, when you have C. Thomas Howell, who's built his entire career on appearing in awful movies, then you know you don't really care much about acting as a whole. So, yea, this movie was kind of terrible. Is it the worst movie I've ever seen? No, I think it takes so much more for me to say that. Plus, I tend to be nicer to films like this, where they clearly didn't have a budget. I realize that shouldn't be an excuse, because I've seen plenty of great low-budget films, but it's also unfair to judge this the same way as, say, a film like Transformers. You know those people have the money to make a better movie, they just don't want to. With that said, I still thought this movie sucked and the low-budget is in no way reason to give this a shot. It's got awful writing and acting. Poor execution of a tired concept. Not recommended.

Joanna R (au) wrote: One of my absolute favourite movies of all time. So simple but so powerful and moving.

Michelle B (mx) wrote: loved it! suspenceful, awesome movie

Danny H (de) wrote: A depressingly irritating movie for all the wrong reasons. The style in which it was displayed often came out as fake and perhaps acted for theatrical reasoning; which is disappointing for a movie which claims to be a documented story regarding teenage life in senior year High School. It felt that there wasn't any purpose behind the movie. No "life lessons" as such. However, it proved itself to be intriguing at times, reflecting upon your own school life, with a sense of envy of life in the States. By the way, I Iol'd at the John Hughes 'Breakfast Club' cover spoof.

Gimena S (ca) wrote: It was not a happy film. It is a powerful film about what the sex trade in Cambodia and the extremes that people go to when left with no options. It also shows how the trade is fueled by foreigners and the impact that this has on so many young girls' lives.

Scott R (mx) wrote: Props for originality and wit, but the values here are far from redeeming.

Sotiris K (de) wrote: Great concept along with touching music by Tom Waits. On the negative side, the acting is sometimes strange and it gives you the feeling that you could sympathise with the characters more than you already do, if it was different.

shawn W (kr) wrote: Great movie great suspense and Eva Mendes and Sanaa Lathan damn that bad lol

Yoon P (ag) wrote: it was nice . Jesus answered, " I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except throgh me." It shows the only way . Nowadays, Pope signitures religion pluralism.How can he do that? Does he read the bible??? One day, christians may be persecuted by others like this.The Lord want to see our faith.