The Incident

The Incident

Two young hoodlums (including a young Martin Sheen) terrorize the passengers of a late night New York City subway train.

Late one night, two young toughs hold hostage the passengers in one car of a New York subway train. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Drew R (it) wrote: It's totally cute and I can relate in many ways, like that the characters are MY AGE (28) and sorta spinning their wheels. Would have loved for the first act to be a bit longer though. More Leighton/ Gillian BFF times before the conflict comes in.

Rosemarie D (br) wrote: this movie has potential. i think the lead actress had so much screamings that i lost the ability to be scared anymore. acting wise, it was all the same for her. screaming and screaming. i mean, come on, you told yourself to face your fear, went to that hospital and all, didnt she expect the worse by then? (sorry spoiler). there are some scenes i really dont agree on. i dont know. maybe it's just me. anyways, as ive said, it has potential.

Joao M (jp) wrote: Shaun of the Dead no gasta em vo,litros de sangue e equilibra comedia e terror com planos de sequencia e maquiagem impressionantes.

Sarah H (jp) wrote: It was a made for TV HBO movie, but I really like it.

Kaleb R (it) wrote: It's a bit long, but Boogie Nights does a good job of portraying an admittedly familiar tale of the rise and fall of those rapidly achieving great success with little guidance, all while tackling an interesting and not often portrayed subject.

Ryan V (de) wrote: The only truly great Next Generation movie. The greatest threat this crew ever faced on the show was the Borg. It was the right move to bring them in as the villainous threat. If only the other Next Generation movies could've been this damn good.

moh g (it) wrote: what is watech is the film?

The F (ru) wrote: I dont care what anybody says i couldnt stop laughing at how dumb this movie was!

John C (mx) wrote: A pointless, pointless waste of Bill Murray's nuance and Robert De Niro's mole, "Mad Dog And Glory" is a movie that never lets you get comfortable, in all the wrong ways.

Ken T (ag) wrote: A little known secret of a movie...Good plot and a already been done to death concept, but interesting piece none the least. The French subtitles got me at first, but if you ignore those and feed into the story...It is worth the watch. A conflicted ex seminary slash priest drop out turned local boy gone bad debt collector...His love interest was kinda' dreamy and the thugs he went up against were over the top psycopaths, but don't take my word for it. Just watch and decide for yourself...

Jessica G (it) wrote: i have always loved this movie.. Its dramatic yet hilarious on some parts of the movie..

Richard Y (fr) wrote: One of those films you'd see and quickly forget!

Israel O (ru) wrote: Greatest ninja movie ever

Jen I (us) wrote: Quite Frankly It Doesn't Say Anything About The Movie In Here & I Haven't Heard Of It So My Interest In It Has Dropped.