The Incredible Shrinking Man

The Incredible Shrinking Man

When exposure to a combination of radiation and insecticide causes Scott Carey to begin to shrink medical science is powerless to help him.

The Incredible Shrinking Man is a science fiction film. When Scott Carey starts shrinking because of exposure to a combination of radiation and insecticide. There is no way to help him, even medical science is powerless to help him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda H (jp) wrote: The idea of this as a stage musical has never sat well with me, because... well, the movie wasn't a musical, mostly. This took 45 minutes or so to get good, but by the end of it I was won over by most of the performances and the absolutely stunning set and effects. It will still never be my favorite musical, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

David P (jp) wrote: A little better than prior sequels, but still more of the same. Fans will be pleased

Chris H (kr) wrote: One of my geek choices, very interesting look into how Linux/GNU started.

Ella C (nl) wrote: A decent film for hardcore fans of Cradle of Filth (like myself), but not intended for anyone that isn't a super fan. It's bloody and has some decent parts, but as a whole, the film is one tangled, mismatched storyline with no rhyme nor reason. If you want to see Dani Filth in a movie, buy it. If you are expecting a Hellraiser-esque film, don't get your hopes up and don't waste your time.

Chance F (ru) wrote:'s Altman...and it was free On Demand....that's about all I can say about it...

Hayley W (it) wrote: loved it sooooooooooo funny

Martin T (ca) wrote: A decent adventure tale, dragged down by the lack of a compelling central character. Jon Whiteley as the Dickensian child is pretty much empty as a character, and Stewart Granger just doesn't have seem to have any leading man chops. I wish there'd been more of George Sanders, who's always a delight. The color widescreen photography provides a few striking moments, but more often it's awash in dreary shades of brown. I also found the movie slightly confusing at times, as the relationships between some of the main characters were murky. Overall, it's passable as "brain off" entertainment, but not much more than that. Another disappointment from Lang's later career.

Cedric L (fr) wrote: Stupid and laughably executed.

Trevor R (au) wrote: It was campy but very enjoyable. Very unique; I really would have loved it if they had been able to do a series.

Will H (gb) wrote: I liked this movie. Confusing as hell, especially in the beginning. But in the end you root for the main characters even as everything spirals out of control- that's all that really matters in a caper movie. 4-stars for the excecution of the movie. I felt it was well paced and exciting for the most part

Charles P (kr) wrote: Tormented falls far short of being interesting or scary.

NoOne S (ag) wrote: Watching RIGHT NOW ON NETFLIX! (: