The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love

The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love

An adventurous love story between two young women of different social and economic backgrounds who find themselves going through all the typical struggles of a new romance.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:long title,   student,   band,  

An adventurous love story between two young women of different social and economic backgrounds who find themselves going through all the typical struggles of a new romance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love torrent reviews

EWC o (us) wrote: Often silly, light hearted, pun filled flick that doubles as a parody of reality tv.

Thomas B (ag) wrote: the goodhas Europe feel so make it fresh,good action,sub title are better to read,good storythe bad not as good as the first one,better thriller the most

Ross L (us) wrote: I didn't hate it but it's not my favorite type of movie. Too much of that family drama crap. I liked Freddy Rodriguez. 2008 Movies: 109

Naari S (br) wrote: EXcellentOOO!!! women n their untold stories... inspired me alot to find more stories and jot it down...

Tyrone H (it) wrote: Just don't bother. It's awful....

Zach L (nl) wrote: I feel that the underlying concept of this documentary is very dated, in addition to being banal, and underwhelming. And maybe it's a sad commentary on American society and the state of modern marriage that I am able to say this. So much of American literature and film in recent history has already been devoted to expl...oring divorce, infidelity, and incompatible marriages where the partners are afraid to leave. It just seems like a simple enough concept that an entire documentary did not need to be devoted to it.And beyond the concept of the movie and its argument (some of my favorite documentaries I have disagreed with every word of) I felt that there was not much redeemable of the movie. It explored a mundane, unimportant, and inconsequential family who in my opinion had mundane problems. The documentary didn't even provide many facts, or appear to have done much legwork or research on the issues presented. I wasn't even impressed with the cinematography and production values. It was a generic single camera documentary, consisting mostly of interviews, and devoid of engaging visual effects and music that bring a film to life. The only interesting advanced techniques could be found when they were actually reading the diaries, which I appreciated. Overall, I found it to be little different than a reality show, only replacing people over 100 years old with orange skinned people from New Jersey.I want to qualify my review by saying that I may have to be a baby boomer to fully appreciate it, and that maybe that's why it was loved by all of the older critics. I can understand that, so I inflated the rating that I would have given to reflect this fact. And the fact that our generation is desensitized to these issues is even more disturbing. Sadly, I feel that the film's conclusion and message will only further gratify and add fuel to the fire of those who find see marriage as something of convenience, and something that can and should be easily entered into and terminated at will.

Scott C (ru) wrote: This was pretty darned good. A fun mash up of Kung Fu movie and American western. The Americans have done this a few times, but its quite neat seeing it from the Hong Kong film industry's perspective.

Sarel H (au) wrote: Shed a few tears while watching

Mike C (fr) wrote: This is an underrated film. It is beautifully shot. The acting and directing is good, and there are a few moments of greatness.

Andy S (nl) wrote: A sort of top gun for the asphalt. Not as fun, but still has a lot of heart. Duvall is the stand-out in this movie!

Phillie E (ca) wrote: Watchable, but it probably would've been better without Cruise.

Muffin M (ag) wrote: Achieve, be excellent...and be afraid. For when the esteemed Blue Ribbon club of Cradle Bay High take their slogans too far, things in the small coastal town begin to go wrong. Dead wrong. And when a "dark sinister force" begins turning the school's curricularly challenged into the soulless, academic elite, three "outsiders" join in a desperate race to avoid becoming insiders...and losing their individuality forever! stars James Marsden, Katie Holmes, Nick Stahl, Steve Railsback, Bruce Greenwood, Bill Sadler, Chad E. Donella, Ethan Embry and Katherine Isabelle.directed by David Nutter.

James S (es) wrote: One of the late '90s horror revival crew, but not one of the ones which attained the grand status of your Screams or Knowing What You Did Last Summer. Which is a bit of a puzzle as despite it clearly not having the budget thrown at it that those films did, Disturbing Behaviour strikes you as a very marketable film for the time, if only because it has Katie Holmes in it.Disturbing Behaviour came at a time when Holmes was lighting up bedroom TVs and fantasies as Joey Potter in Dawson's Creek, this film showed her in a slightly different kind of role as the nose ring wearing Rachel who hooks up with new boy in town, the floppy fringed James Marsden when students of their local high school start having overnight make overs to turn them into goody two shoes. Actually, Holmes is essentially still Joey Potter, just with a nose ring and leather pants. She looks cool though.Disturbing Behaviour draws it's influences from various zombie, sci-fi movies and The Stepford Wives for a tale of teenage, master race style brainwashing. The plot is pretty well written and the script has some snappy dialogue. Nick Stahl puts in an impressive performance also as Gavin, the kid who no one will believe.....until it's too late.Aside from a silly sequence set inside a mental hospital, the film shows restraint with the traditional horror cliches, instead building a paranoid sense of dread and misunderstanding from the adults in the piece. It's not as clever as the likes of Scream or The Craft, but it's a pleasant surprise watching the film now to see how well it's stood the test of time and that it should be viewed with a minor cult status now.It might have been a bit ham fisted in it's edit and the production crew look as though they may have been half asleep, but Disturbing Behaviour wins through with it's script and commitment from the cast. It's all faintly ridiculous but when everyone knows that, it seems to work.Oh, and Katharine Issabelle is in it too. Which is always nice.

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The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love torrent

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