The Incubus

The Incubus

In the small New England town of Galen, a young teenage boy claims he has dreams of young women being brutally raped and murdered. A doctor and the local sheriff discover that the boy's dreams are real and that a sinister occult might be behind the brutal murders

In the small New England town of Galen, a young teenage boy claims he has dreams of young women being brutally raped and murdered. A doctor and the local sheriff discover that the boy's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian P (de) wrote: Better movie than the 4th! But still it isn't the same without the originals!

Gordon B (gb) wrote: If you're interested in language or how humans & animals can communicate then you should see this documentary. 'Nim' is an intelligent & engaging story about a chimp that science foolishly tried to raise as if it were human

Anjelita M (ca) wrote: Slow at times but movie manages to showcase the different ways a group of youths deal with the death of one of their friends. Overall, an almost serious film interlaced with dark humour.

Doctor S (br) wrote: A fresh take on the thriller genre, which really isn't a thriller most of the time, in fact the thriller elements get in the way! Robin Tunney is an (overly) talkative, socially awkward, music loving computer animator who during a sodden night out crashes and kills a cop after a mysterious stranger carjacks her and then flees the scene. Whew! Nobody believes her story, so while awaiting trial she is placed under house arrest in a new, downtrodden neighborhood (she had to sell her condo to pay her lawyer) and fitted with an ankle transmitter that only allows her 57 feet distance from an alarm beacon.This is where the bulk of the film - and entertainment - lies, in her apartment awaiting trial. Her only acquaintances are her invalid downstairs neighbor and the ankle bracelet security officer who makes routine visits. The relationships and twists that develop are surprising yet believable. Tunney alone bears the weight of the movie as she features in nearly every scene, and her quirkily appealing performance won my affection. Tim Blake Nelson also hits the bulls-eye, but Liz Phair....well, it's fun to see her appear in a movie once. Nice in-joke of her whitechocolatespaceegg album displayed at the checkout counter of a record store.The thriller elements are competent but fairly routine, and with a resolution that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Normally these deficiencies would kill a movie, but the characters and occurrences are so fun to watch that the thriller aspect became secondary. Filled with '80s songs that fit perfectly with the mood of each scene. A modest, enjoyably offbeat sleeper.

Sammie C (gb) wrote: Hilarious, one of the best films I've ever seen. A perfect mix of quirky characters and high paced plot to really draw in the viewer. I absolutley loved watching the relationship between Viktor and Eddie and how it grew and was tested and turned over and over again, it really put a unique aspect into the film. Must-see.

shanul h (us) wrote: Contrived but enjoyable road movie.

Muffin M (fr) wrote: A business tycoon (Dylan McDermott) who wrongly thinks Oscar (Matthew Perry) is gay asks him to spy on his girlfriend (Neve Campbell). Oscar, unwilling to hurt his chances of winning a lucrative architectural contract from the mogul, agreesand falls madly in love. also stars Oliver Platt, Cylk Cozart, John C. McGinley, Bob Baladan, Deborah Rush and Kelly Rowan. directed by Damon Santostefano.

Jonathan B (it) wrote: Amazing story, emotionally captured--needs to be seen to be believed.

virendra b (de) wrote: hamesha pyar ankhon se ho kar dil me utarta hai, lekin humara pyar dil me utar kar ankhon pe ayega

Ger C (us) wrote: Absolutely slow and horrible. it makes a 3 hour movie seem like 5. There's an average 90 minute movie in there somewhere.

Eric B (fr) wrote: Ugly, sleazy, and terribly intriguing.

Michael W (de) wrote: American farm boy makes it in Canadian junior hockey in Hamilton. Marked by a great performances on and off the ice, most notably by Ed Lauter as Coach Chadwick and George Finn as the enforcer Racki. Longtime NHL'er Eric Nesterenko plays Rob Lowe's father and passes down a few tips. Great to see the league assign their top official, Hannah, to control the deciding game. A real crowd pleaser.

Peter B (ag) wrote: if you like tits and skiing this movie is for you.

Kenneth B (ru) wrote: There is enough substance here to belie the distinctly limited production values. Although compared to the best low budget horror films of the 70s this does fall short.

Vincent H (mx) wrote: Pretty good sub flick. Some fine acting from Gable and Lancaster. A little slow in the beginning but it picked up enough for a thrilling end.

Jonathan G (kr) wrote: {SPOILER ALERT} Is a time-traveling, action, romantic drama about terrorism possible? I would say no, but that doesn't stop Tony Scott and Jerry B. from trying. Interesting enough to watch if you can separate logic from the screen. Rating: 7 / 10

Ed A (au) wrote: a very good and strong fantasy film that merges both Sci-Fi with Medieval aspects of the Hero's Journey!!