The Indian

The Indian

"The Indian" is a touching drama about a negligent father who must face the son he abandoned years earlier, and the emotional wreckage he caused, in order to obtain a life-saving transplant.

Confusion creates complications in any relationship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Indian torrent reviews

Weng S (gb) wrote: ... 1/4

Sam B (us) wrote: cool movie with big ass waves and cool surfers

Jamaal S (kr) wrote: Sleeper...good movie. Don't let the critics ratings fool you.

Guye J (us) wrote: This 1999 horror movie sequel was a little more gory then the first one. It had some real funny scenes too! I was surprised too see Bokeem Woodbine and Tommy Lister in this movie. Andrew Divoff plays the Djinn perfectly. Director Jack Sholder did a great job!

Stefan G (de) wrote: I saw this movie when I was very young, thinking it was about a boy who befriended a Bear. I was dissapointed and bored. I would like to now see it again know that I will be able to see it.

Garry L (au) wrote: ...well that was upsetting.

Andrew L (kr) wrote: The coolest western ever made and probably the most historically insightful at the same time. Truely epic in scope and vision

Blind P (nl) wrote: I have to admit the poorer film quality and method of narrative delivery had me turned off from Samurai Assassin, which I had seen tagged with "best samurai movie of all time", so I went with a viewing while listening to music in place of the audio track. I ended up very pleased with the tale of the loser ronin whose lineage was being held from him, and the final sequences brought it all together in a macabre way that I found satisfying. I cannot recall having such a change of heart over a film. ------------------------------------------------------------------ The same thing happened with Juno, though to a much lesser degree. The beginning MTV slang soaked and saturated sarcasm, trying to sound cute, made me turn it off at first, but on another day I watched it through and have to admit that the voice of written perspective played very well in the more serious moments, and that which I disdained did fit in a logically drawn characterization. However, perhaps the lingering grudge I developed, perhaps the general subject matter, pre-viewed hype, or reasons unknown combined to leave me feeling a wonder as to what the fuss was about... A good movie, but not nearly a great one, idiosyncratic to be sure, but not spoken in my language. This last remark of mine a laudatory or detraction depending upon your proclivities.

Stan D (br) wrote: Steve Martin plays a 1940s private detective, in a comedic homage to the melodramas of that period, often called "film noir". This is a unique, creative film, full of clips from the old movies. Rachel Ward is Steve's love interest. The actors in the clips are too numerous to mention, but include Bogart, Lancaster, Ladd, Lake, Turner, Bergman, and many many others. Directed by Carl Reiner.